Bass Industry News
  1. Aug 25, 2014
    The Anadime Bass Chorus was developed for demand by top professional bassists.
    While keeping the Anadime Chorus’ signature warm analog sound, the Anadime Bass Chorus is specifically tuned for Bass players to use. The High Pass Filter enables the player to control vibration in bottom end to be more practical Bass chorus pedal. In addition, the three Chorus Modes implement outstanding operability and players are able to achieve many different sound for different situations.

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  2. Aug 25, 2014
    TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold, a limited edition gold-colored run of the revolutionary Ditto Looper. The original Ditto Looper became an instant hit due to how mind-blowingly simple and intuitive it was to use and also because of its outrageously small size, making it a household name on pedalboards around the globe.

    With Ditto Looper Gold, TC Electronic has managed to add even more wow-factor to this already amazing pedal by re-issuing it in the only color fit for a true...
  3. Aug 25, 2014
    This year will find bassist/singer/bandleader Bootsy Collins performing “Tha Funk Capitol of the World” across the US, France and China with his new Tru-Tron 3X. Bootsy is a living legend not only for his captivating stage persona but also for his fiery funk chops and revolutionary use of effects like distortion, delay and envelope filters on bass guitar.

    "Okay Funkateers, if you loved the original ‘Mutron’, then you are going to really love funkin' with the all new ‘Tru-Tron 3X’,” says Bootsy...
  4. Aug 25, 2014
    Cambridge, MA (August 8, 2014) — iZotope, Inc. , a leading audio technology company, has announced an update to its flagship audio repair and enhancement suite, RX®. RX, an Emmy Award-winning audio repair toolkit, is used by musicians, sound engineers, and post production...
  5. Jul 15, 2014
    Redlands, CA – July 7, 2014 The result of a questionable hair brained idea, and named after the fellow that had this idea (and it’s very imposing nature) the BigMan pickup is not a subtle animal in the least. Take a music man style cover and jam 2 Big Single pickups into that cover. Don’t bother using shorter magnets or less wire – just go for it! The result is a pickup that is fantastically muscular and unrelentingly powerful. Not for the faint of heart.

    This all new pickup features:

    • ...
  6. Jun 30, 2014

    Dunlop Super Bright™ Bass Strings are for bass players who want to stand out in the mix with a crisp top end without sacrificing any fundamental.

    Carefully designed and tested by our team of bass players, Super Bright Bass Strings sing with clear, defined highs that are supported by a fat, balanced bottom that keeps your sound full and rounded. Lighter tension provides a superior response to playing nuances, and the silky smooth feel of each string provides superior...
  7. Jun 21, 2014
    Montclair, NJ (June 17, 2014) – This updated version of Adrian Ashton’s step-by-step course in playing the bass guitar is the latest addition to Backbeat Book’s popular Handbook Series.
    “Adrian’s book tells you everything you could possibly want to know about instruments, amplifiers, effects, players, setups, and history. It’s all here. Not to mention just plain interesting stuff that even an old hand like myself can find fascinating,” says John Paul Jones in the foreword of The Bass...