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Dan Bozek 01-12-2014 02:33 AM

Korg Volca babies...
I've been involved in some good work this weekend that I'll definitely share later when it is done... And played around with the new Korg Volca little guys a bit. Buy them. They're inexpensive, and mad mad mad cool. The drum machine into my Analog Man compressor and Prunes & Custard pedal was the absolute Saturday game changer. Bangin' in a big way.

You're looking at like $300 for the drum machine and the bass line synth. My order is in when I get my next paycheck. It is almost a no brainer. Plus, they can run on batteries and have a little speaker in the back, so you can keep them in your man purse and annoy your family members by pulling one out and sequencing a killer acid bass line at the next family gathering. I know my Mom is gonna love it when it get mine. :^D

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