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Finbase 11-13-2012 05:59 AM

Ney Conceição, discography
Hello fellow bassists!

I discovered this great, great Brazilian bass player Ney Conceição, and I'd love to study his playing more!

Nevertheless there's not much found on the internet about him in English, and since I don't know any Portugese, the only information I can get is the very brief English section on his website...

His website claims that he has played on over 200 discs, but there's no any kind of list of recordings besides his solo projects.

So if there's anyone who could recommend some further material to 'dig in' in addition to his solo albums, please pay it forward!! :)

Ps. To Ney Conceição, if you happen to be a TB member... My honest admiration, you're... well, superior!!:hyper:

gimmeagig 11-13-2012 09:45 PM

I love this guy too.
Here are a few clips I really like him when he plays his Jazz Bass.

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