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kennyg 01-01-2014 04:12 PM

GRSM20 Mikro Bass pick ups
New to the forum and seeking advise. I recently purchased an Ibanez
GRSM20 Mikro bass for fooling around with. Actually it's not a bad guitar but some things need to be upgraded. I would like to start with the pick ups then later change the bridge.

Any info as to what pick ups could be installed that would not be a major project?
I do not want to change to active pickups.


Formula144 01-02-2014 12:06 PM

Any passive P and J pickups should be an easy swap. What kind of sound are you looking for?

Mikro threads:

kennyg 01-03-2014 08:50 AM

Play oldies, R&B and a touch of top 40. So I guess not one particular sound. I mostly play on my SR700 and love the sound it produces but I'm trying to stay away from active pu's.

Formula144 01-03-2014 07:09 PM

Have you tried changing strings? Might be worth a try before changing pickups.

I don't have a lot of experience with different pickups. The Wilde P/J set seems to get good reviews, and I like the P-46 I have on a different short-scale bass.(

The DiMarzio P/J set also seems to be popular.

Ric5 01-03-2014 07:13 PM

Actually the stock p pickup sounds pretty good. The bridge is cheap and the knobs are plastic.

kennyg 01-04-2014 02:00 PM

Did change the strings. Made a little difference. Ric you are correct the bridge is
lame and the pots and knobs are cheap. I like the guitar and the fact that it weighs 7 lbs. which is great on my back. Going to make a few changes to make is better. Any suggestions on a replacement bridge?
I appreciate all the helping comments.

javadog 01-08-2014 08:06 AM

In one of the Mikro threads there was someone who recommended moving the bridge about 7mm away from the neck to allow for more saddle and intonation adjustment.
You might want to consider moving the bridge back if you are going to get a replacement. Ibanez makes an upgraded AccuCast bridge but I'm not sure the footprint is the sames as the stock B10.
Jeff--I am thinking of getting one of the 5 strings, which have 2 J pickups. What do you recommend as a medium priced replacement pickup ? I am considering the DiMarzios and Bartolinis. Thanks

MTFD24 02-20-2014 08:23 AM

I just put on a hipshot style bridge on mine. Easy, and improved the sound, sustain. just a generic copy found on e-bay.

Now I ahve to put on some grover tuners sitting here.

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