Nov 12, 2009
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Jul 15, 1953 (Age: 62)
Lake Conroe, TX


Male, 62, from Lake Conroe, TX

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I post, therefore I am! Mar 16, 2015

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      I post, therefore I am!
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    Jul 15, 1953 (Age: 62)
    Lake Conroe, TX
    Current Setup:
    • 2015 G&L USA L2000, just the way Leo designed it!
    • 2014 Fender Precision US Vintage Hotrod PJ body, with AmStd neck, Wilde P46, Super 55 Jazz, 3 way switching
    • 2013 Mike Dirnt RW Precision w/Cabronita neck and "vintage" hardware
    • 2012 Am Std Jazz Bass V 3TSB,Maple Neck, Fralins
    • 2006 Highway One Jazz, Fralins, Hipshots, Stock Badass
    • 1996 Fender Precision Lyte Deluxe, Stock
    • 2010 Fender Am Deluxe Strat, vintaged (not reliced) w/Duncan SLL-1s, Standard CTS pots and 5-way switching
    • 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
    • 2005ish Takamine Acoustic
    • 2014 Mesa M6 Carbine w/ GK Neos
    • ???? GK 400RB mkIV 210 combo
    • 2015 GK MB200 Micro Bass Head
    • 2009 Fender Deluxe Reverb 65RI
    • 1963 Fender Bandmaster
    Favorite Genres:
    Jazz, Standards, Good Fusion, Uptown Blues, Progressive Rock, Funky Rock
    Previously Owned Gear:
    It would break my heart to think too hard about it. I started playing in the mid sixties. My first Fenders were from the fifties. Gone baby, gone.
    Frankenstein Fenders #28
    Official Fender Precision Bass Club #977
    Fender Jazz Bass Club #968
    PJ Club #160

    Played guitar in bands from 14 yrs old to about 21. My band split up and the singer and drummer joined an existing, much better band. They lost their bass player, and my buddies asked if I wanted to give it a try. Found my niche! I've put it down and picked it up in the 45ish years since. Back into it, working on my skills and my reading.

    I sub in with a country band, as needed (not really my thing), and have auditioned with a couple classic rock and/or pop bands.

    Haven't found my fit yet. :cool:


    I am actually subsidized by several manufacturers to NOT endorse their products. :bassist:

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