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    New England
    Current Setup:
    2010 Fender Jazz V Deluxe
    '99 Eden WT400
    Bergantino HT112, EX112
    Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer
    Boss OC2 Octaver
    Korg G5
    Ampeg SVT-DI
    Favorite Genres:
    Not picky
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Subs and fill ins...
    Previously Owned Gear:
    '77 Musicman Stingray,
    Roscoe LG-3005-Cocobolo top, flame maple accent, BEM board, Spanish cedar body, Aguilar/Bart
    Fender P and J's 4s+5s 1960s-2007 eras,
    Mesa Diesel 210 and 115 cabs,
    Pedulla Thunderbolts,
    Hartke 5000,
    Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0,
    Aguilar GS112 and NT,
    PJB M500, 6t and 9b,
    Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110,
    Ampeg B-15N,
    Warwick FNA Jazzman LTD2004,
    Ampeg SVTs 70s-2000s and V4's-70s,
    Ampeg SVT DI,
    Mesa Diesel Series 2-15,
    Mesa Powerhouse series 210, 212, 115
    Kustom Amps w/harmonic clipper and without,
    Kustom 212 and 215 cabs,
    Mesa 400 (6550's not 6L6's like the 400+),
    Fender Bassman w/2-15 and Bassman 100,
    Mesa Titan and Fathom/M6,
    Mutron Phasor II,
    EHX Micro Bass Synth (circa 1981),
    SWR Goliath II 410s,
    SWR Mo' Bass Amp,
    Eden 212XLT,
    Fulltone Bassdriver,
    EBMM Stingray 5,
    '97 Lakland 55-94 Deluxe,
    '01 Eden WT-400,
    Eden 212XLT,
    Haz Labs Mutron III
    Influences and Teachers:
    Mike Watt, Corey B, George Westbay, Sting, Les Claypool, James Jamerson, Flea, Rudy Sarzo, Steve Harris, Joe Gittleman, Chuck Gabriel


    Fender 2010 J5 Deluxe
    '99 Eden WT400
    Bergantino HT112, EX112