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Aug 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2008
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Quezon City, Philippines


Male, from Quezon City, Philippines

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Aug 20, 2015
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    Quezon City, Philippines
    Current Setup:
    Roland Cube Bass 20XL,
    '72 Fender Jazz,
    '77 Yamaha SuperBass 500
    '77 Fender Mustang Bass
    '77 Fernandes Power Bass (Precision Bass)
    '77 Fernandes Telecaster Bass (Modified)
    ;78 Fender MusicMaster Bass
    '78 Pre-EB Musicman Stingray,
    '79 Pre-EB Musicman Stingray,
    '80's Greco Rickenbacker Copy
    '80 Tokai Hardpuncher Bass
    '82 Squier JV Precision Bass
    '82 Squier JV Jazz Bass
    '82 G&L L-2000 E Series
    '82 Yamaha Broad Bass BB VII
    '83 Yamaha BB VIIs
    '84 Yamaha BB3000
    '84 Yamaha BB V
    '84 Squier JV Jazz Bass
    80's Aria Pro RSB Smooth Neck Joint Bass
    Late '80s Fernandes "Limited Edition" Precision Bass
    '90's Squier Silver Series Precision Bass (Modified to PJ)
    2000-era Yamaha Attitude Bass II
    2001 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray
    2007 Modulus Funk Unlimited
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Malekko Diabolik Fuzz,
    '95 Fender American Standard Precision Bass
    '75 Fender Precision Bass,
    Boss ODB-3
    '78 Greco? Rickenbacker Copy
    Zadowsky Bass Preamp Pedal
    '96 Fender American Standard Precision Bass
    Fender Urge Standard Mexico
    '83 Fender Precision Elite II Bass
    Rickenbacker Copy MIJ Bolt-on Fireglo
    Rickenbacker Copy MIJ Bolt-on Red Wine Color
    2000-era Danelectro '63 Long Scale Bass
    '98 Warwick Thumb 4 BO
    1999-2002 Fender Precision Bass - Sting Signature
    5 String Custom Fodera Copy
    '75 Greco Electric Bass (Precision Bass Copy)
    '77 Aria-Pro II Precise Bass (Precision Bass Copy)
    '79 Fernandes Precision Bass (Stone Logo)
    '80s Fernandes PJ-Bass
    '80's Fernandes Precision Bass - 62ri (Stone Logo)
    '84 Greco EB-3 Copy
    '90s Squier Standard Jazz Bass
    '90s Squier Standard Precision bass
    5 String Peavey Grind
    Samick Spector-Copy
    70's Fernandes Burny Bass (Jazz Bass)
    G.A.S. List:
    More Pre-EB Musicman Stingray :)
    Spector NS-2
    Rickenbacker 4001/4003
    Hofner Beatle Bass
    Pedulla MVP-4
    Mosrite Bass
    Influences and Teachers:
    Billy Sheehan, Buddy Zabala, Paul McCartney
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Reading Biographies, Photography and the Visual arts.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Looking for relatively cheap and good condition Pre-EB Stingrays: '76, '77, '80, '81, '82
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