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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Male, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Current Setup:
    2014 ACG Harlot
    1980 Rickenbacker 4001
    20?? Nash JB-63
    Aguilar Tone Hammer 350
    Traynor TC112 (x2)
    ss/bs TAFM w/gate switch
    ss/bs Mini
    Diamond Bass Compressor
    Wren & Cuff Phat Phuk B w/external bias mod
    TC Electronics Polytune Mini Noir
    Wounded Paw Attack Goat
    Southampton Fifth Gear (custom dual version)
    Source Audio Orbital
    EHX MicroPOG
    Voodoo Labs PP2
    PT Junior
    Favorite Genres:
    80s/90s Music, Punk/Post-Punk/New Wave/Dark Wave/Hardcore/Dadcore, Post-Rock/Indie Rock/Alt-Rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Foul English
    Previously Owned Gear:
    20?? Gretsch Broadkaster G6119B
    2003 Ernie Ball Musicman SUB Stingray 4H
    1996 Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling 4H
    2014 Rickenbacker 4003W
    2002 Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman
    2012 Godin Shifter Classic 4
    2012 Squier VM Jazz
    1995 Warwick Thumb Bass NT5
    1991 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray5
    1990 Fender Precision Bass Lyte
    1989 Squier Jazz Bass
    1986 Hondo P-Bass
    1980s Guild B-30 Acoustic Bass
    Peavey Basic 50 combo
    Crate 15" combo 160 watts
    SWR SM-400 with Goliath II 4x10
    SWR Baby Blue combo
    SWR Redhead (x2)
    GK NEO 2x10 cabinet
    Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0
    Chandler Tube Driver pedal
    Tube Works Blue Tube pedal
    Yamaha FX500 + ART MIDI pedalboard to control it
    Fender Sublime Fuzz pedal
    Fulltone OCD Overdrive pedal
    Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian pedal
    Way Huge Pork Loin pedal
    Aguilar Tone Hammer pedal
    TC Electronics SCF Chorus/Flanger pedal
    OxFuzz Bass pedal
    Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B pedal
    MXR Bass Envelope Filter pedal
    Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder pedal
    Catalinbread SFT pedal
    ss/bs Sparkle Motion pedal
    Empress Compressor pedal
    Fairfield Barbershop pedal (x2)
    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe pedal
    Mooer Eleclady pedal
    Empress Germ Drive pedal
    Fuzzhugger Upper pedal
    TC Electronics Corona Mini Chorus pedal
    Aguilar Octamizer pedal
    INFANEM Driving Notion pedal
    ss/bs TAFM pedal
    PT MIni
    G.A.S. List:
    EBMM basses - Sterlings, Stingrays, Big Als
    Fender Precision Lyte
    Gibson EB13
    Godin Shifter
    Rickenbacker 4005-styled bass (Italia Rimini?)
    Retrovibe Vantage
    Vintage 70s lawsuit Rickenfaker
    Gretsch 5123
    Eastwood Sidejack
    51/55 Precision styled basses
    Lakland basses - Decade, Hollowbody, DJ
    Warwicks - esp. Star Bass, Survivor, Dolphin
    Pedulla MVP
    Sandberg basses
    More ACG custom builds
    So many more custom builders whose basses I'd love to have I can't even list them all (Drake, Clement, May, Creston, Grove, CB, Prometeus, Larkin, Wyn...see what I mean?!!)
    More Aguilar gear
    Traynor YBA300 or YBA200-2 (ideally with a TC808), but only if I had a roadie to carry it around for me
    More Traynor gear (heads, cabs)
    All sorts of effects - too many to list!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jack Bruce
    Tom T-Bone Wolk
    John Entwistle
    Peter Hook
    Mike MIlls