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Apr 10, 2014
Nov 30, 2008
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from Chicago, Il.

Crystalman85 was last seen:
Apr 10, 2014
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  • About

    Home page:
    Chicago, Il.
    Current Setup:
    Bass guitars:
    Schecter stiletto extreme 5-string bass
    Ibanez sr305 5-string bass
    Schecter stiletto extreme 4-string bass
    Ibanez sr300 4-string bass

    ebs metaldrive bass distortion pedal
    Digitech bass driver
    Danelectro cool cat cc-1 chorus pedal
    Danelectro fab flange
    Zoom b3 bass multi-effects processor

    Hartke lh500 bass head
    Gallien-krueger neo 4x10 bass cab
    Fender rumble 150 bass combo amp

    Clubs: Schecter owners club #124, Ibanez club #362, Soundgear club #99, Gallien-krueger club #521, Zoom owners club #3, 5-string bass club #341, Fender rumble club #75, Official hartke club #372, digitech club #?
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Metal, Dance music
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Temptation's wings, Retro master
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Bass guitars:
    Yamaha bb405 5-string bass
    Schecter stiletto elite 4-string bass
    Dean edge 5 5-string bass
    Dean ml metalman 4-string bass
    Ibanez srx 595 5-string bass
    Fernandes gravity 5x 5-string bass
    Rogue lx200b 4-string bass
    Arbor ab410 4-string bass
    Peavey millennium bxp 4-string bass
    Ibanez gsr105ex 5-string bass
    Douglas web825 5-string bass
    Dean edge 1 5-string bass
    Schecter raiden deluxe 5-string bass
    Ibanez sr250 4-string bass
    Ibanez sr255 5-string bass
    Peavey millennium bxp 5-string bass
    Schecter raiden special 5-string bass

    Line 6 bass pod
    Digitech xbc bass multi-chorus pedal
    Danelectro fab chorus pedal
    Digitech bp200 bass modelling processor
    Line 6 bass floor pod
    Zoom b1x bass multi-effect processor
    Korg ax3b Bass modelling signal processor
    Korg ax3000b Bass modelling signal processor
    Ibanez pd-7 phat-hed bass overdrive pedal
    Boss geb-7 bass equalizer pedal
    Rocktron utopia b100
    Digitech bp355 bass modelling processor
    Hartke vxl bass attack preamp pedal
    Zoom b2.1u bass multi-effects processor
    Deltalab dbfx1 bass multi-effects processor
    Korg ax5b bass multi-effects processor
    Digitech hardwire sc-2 valve distortion pedal
    Digitech turbo flange

    Gallien-krueger backline 600 bass head
    Gallien-krueger backline 1x10 bass combo
    Kustom kb200rh bass head
    Hartke a100
    Gallien-krueger 700rb-II bass head
    Gallien-krueger goldline 4x10

    Other clubs: dean bass club #59, peavey import club#65, emg club#?
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Music, Video games, Anime, internet


    Schecter, Ibanez, hartke, gk, fender, ebs, danelectro, digitech, zoom
    Clubs: see profile
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