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Feb 27, 2015 at 2:38 PM
Apr 6, 2004
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SF Bay Area

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from SF Bay Area

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    SF Bay Area
    Current Setup:
    Rob Allen Mouse 30 (fretless)
    Rob Allen Mouse 30 (fretted with magnetic pups)
    MIJ A Series Squier P Bass
    Tom Clement Ergo short scale (with Villex pup)
    Guild B4CE ABG
    70's MIJ Ventura Gibson EBO copy
    70's MIJ Lyle Hollowbody
    Rickenbacker 3000
    Accugroove Whappo Jr.
    MusicMan HD150
    Mesa Boogie Strategy 400
    Read Custom Purity preamp
    TAB-Funkenwerk v71 DI/preamp
    Kern IP-777 preamp
    Demeter VTBP-201preamp
    Walter Woods Blue Light Electracoustic
    FEA Opti-Fet compressor pedal
    Diamond BCP-1 compressor pedal
    Lighting bolt ABG
    Zero tube preamp
    Glockenklang Bass Art Classic preamp
    Favorite Genres:
    Quality rock, bluegrass, new grass, jamband, americana, roots, blues
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Rob Allen mb2-4
    Rob Allen mb2-4 (fretted)
    Rob Allen mb2-5
    Dave Seward fretless P "wharf bass"
    Dave Pushic custom 32" P bass
    Tacoma Thunderchief CB105EF
    Schechter Stiletto Elite 5
    Reverend Rumblefish 5L
    Doug Roomian Custom Jazz 5 (updated by Michael Dolan)
    Breedlove Atlas ABG
    GK 150E
    Acoustic Image Clarus 1 Series III
    Aguilar GS115
    Ampeg BA115
    Eden WT550
    Phil Jones Bass D-200
    Epifani NYC 110/UL 110
    Epifani NYC T112
    Bergantino 115 subwoofer
    Aguilar DB359
    Aguilar DB750
    Aguilar DB659
    Aphex 651 Expressor
    Demeter Compulator stomp box
    THC Chorus stomp box
    Glockenklang Soul
    Glockenklang Heart Rock
    Bergantino HT110
    Bergantino HT112
    Bergantino HT112ER
    Bergantino HT115
    Bergantino HT210
    Analogman Chorus (w/ deep switch) & Mini-Chorus
    DHA VT2 Valve Drive pedal
    Joemeek FloorQ compressor pedal
    Bergantino HT322
    Accugroove El Whappo Ltd. Edition
    Accugroove Tri112L
    QSC PLX2 1802
    Tecamp Puma 500 (powersoft version)
    Euphonic Audio iamp micro 550
    Ampeg V4B 2x15 cabinet
    Bergantino NV215
    Accugroove Tri112L
    Tecamp M212
    Fender MIM P-bass updated
    Tecamp Puma 900
    Tecamp Puma 500 (new version)
    Crest CA9
    Crest CA6
    QSC PLX2 1802
    Pigtronix germanium diode Philosopher's Tone compressor pedal
    Accugroove Tri110L
    Mesa Boogie Buster 200
    Jules Monique Preamp
    Demeter VTDB-2b tube DI
    Glockenklang Blue Soul
    Epifani Quest II preamp
    Summit TD-100 preamp
    Washburn AB-35 5-string fretless ABG
    Reverend Dub King bass
    Accugroove Tri115L
    Sadowsky SA410
    Tecamp S212
    Aguilar DB680
    Yamaha PB-1
    Influences and Teachers:
    Phil Lesh, Jack Casady, Tony Levin, John Entwistle, Roger Waters, and countless others I can't remember or never knew.