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from Charlottesville, Virginia

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    Charlottesville, Virginia
    Current Setup:

    1998 Fender Precision - D'addario XL rounds. A Midnight Blue beauty that just slays. I've had more expensive basses, but I've never had a bass this kick ass. I fall in love with it all over again every time I pick it up. Great action, ballsy tone, dammit I'm keeping this one forever. Lotsa love in it anyway, spouse and kids surprised me by picking this up for me as a gift. After I dropped a few hints about how much I liked it of course. Just massive, massive tone that makes a Precision a Precision, never fails to get compliments on it's toneor it's appearance. Now if my playing could only get as many compliments....

    2004 Hondo H1000 ABG - D'addario Chrome flatwounds. Blowout on ebay years ago, it arrived needing some love. Refiled the nut, re-ran the wiring, fine tuned the truss rod, shaved the bridge to bring the action way down, and installed bone saddle that I hand sanded from a blank...if that doesn't impress you then I see you've never hand sanded a bone saddle from a blank.

    Anyway, some folks don't see a use for an ABG. I use the heck outta mine. I've done a few acoustic gigs with it, take it on vacation whenever I'm going out of town, and I grab it almost daily for a quick practice, some noodling, or (try to) work on my sight reading. :)

    198? Sears "Regal" short scale (30") - Thomastik Infeld Jazz Rounds. Pawn shop rescue, this is my little dynamite red colored bass. Unlike most shortscales this one uses full size P bass pickups. It came with a cute little Grim Reaper sticker, hence it's highly original nickname "Grimm". Strangely provocative "dark" tone that is particularly aggressive and sinister. For some reason really records well at night, especially for halloween songs, dirges, blues, rock, and any other devil's music genres. Can't explain it.

    I also have several acoustic guitars, and an electric or two somewhere. But who wants to talk about guitars on Talkbass. Not me.



    Ampeg BA 210 combo.

    Ampeg BA112 combo.

    Crate TX30.

    1973 Peavey F800B. (Orphan head at the moment - no cabs).

    I also have a few old guitar amps both solid state and tube but who wants to talk about guitar amps on Talkbass. Not me.

    Favorite Genres:
    Blues, Rock, Reggae, Roots, Jazz, Country, pretty much music of all stripes.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    I play electric bass guitar in a popular local Blues/Rock outfit, as well as in the "house band" of a local establishment for open mic night/blues jam. I can also be found playing my acoustic guitar in several Old Time circles in the Charlottesville and Harrisonburg area.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Stuff from the 80s: Hondo, Aria Pro, Rickenbacker, Ampeg, Peavey, Sunn, Crate.

    G.A.S. List:
    Mikey Way Signature Mustang

    Allen Woody Signature Rumblekat

    Vintage Precision Fretless

    Vintage Ampeg Portaflex of some sort.

    But all that has to wait, saving and searching for a good upright bass right now. :)
    Influences and Teachers:
    Donald "Duck" Dunn, James Jamerson, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Tommy Shannon, Jack Casady, and of course Geddy.

    Hobbies and Interests:
    I also play acoustic guitar and enjoy having fun with my family.


    Clubs: LGBT #39, Blues Bassist #5, Official Fender Precision #95, Acoustic Bass Fetish #100, Peavey Amps #50, Ampeg Fam' Reunion #1004, Virginia Bassist #127, Reggae Bassist club