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    Langhorne, PA, USA
    Current Setup:
    The famous "LullDowsky" 4-string has come and gone three times (I must be crazy!) .... and it was my main gigging 4-string bass for a few years!!!

    My monsterous-sounding 5-string is a Warrior Isabella single-cut with a quilt maple top on a Spanish Cedar body, a purpleheart fretboard on a maple/purpleheart neck and lots of other custom "bells and whistles". My wonderful wife (also a bassist) ordered this bass for my 64th birthday, and it took more than 5 months to build.

    A year or so ago, I acquired a superb Stambaugh single-cut neck-through 6-string with a short 32", 26-fret scale on a really unique maple/purpleheart/maple 5-piece neck. The body is spalted walnut on mahogany, and the pickups are custom Aeros with macassar ebony covers. For a while, I played this bass more than any other that I own! I like that Stambaugh six-string so much that I have acquired three other Stambaugh basses, and still have two of them: a gorgeous myrtlewood-topped neck-through 4-string with Kent Armstrong "lipstick tube" pickups in a Jazz Bass configuration; and my latest, a three-pickup (single-coil Areo Jazz PUs) 33"-scale five-string painted silver with a matching headstock (I traded a semi-hollowbody Stambaugh "Resonance" 5-string to get this one!

    I am now down to just one Fender 4-string bass .... a '64 Custom Shop "Relic" P-Bass, which gets used for a lot of the classic Motown, Stax, and classic rock stuff that I play. This bass actually has a neck profile that I have NEVER seen or played in a Fender P-Bass (and I have owned and played P-Basses since 1965)!

    Amplification is provided by a Genz Benz Stramliner 900, and I am looking for a new combo amp to use or practice and rehearsals (I sold my TC Electronic BG250 recently). We also have a Roland Cube for practice, but it isn't being used and may soon go.

    I run the Streamliner 900 through a Bergantino CN212 cab, and it sounds great!

    Tech 21 SansAmp outboard preamp for use with the passive basses, as needed.

    Many other pedals and effects and a Boss pedalboard has been added to my setup, as well. However, it's generally unnecessary to employ the effects with these great basses.

    Auralex Great GRAMMA sound isolation platforms cut out the "boominess" from my cabinet(s) and the TC amp.
    Favorite Genres:
    anything that grooves
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Since 2011, I have been holding down the bottom end in The Funkin' Soulnuts, an 11-piece soul/funk/R&B/Motown cover band, plus occasional R&B, classic rock, blues and funk gigs whenever I can get them. I also audition and play in as many different types of musical groups as possible, so as to keep things fresh and keep my musical vocabulary as varied as it can be.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    WAAAAY too many to list here! Most recent basses sold have included a Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic V 5-string (cherry burst/pao fero) with Nordstrand pickups and Audere preamp, a Nash JB-63; Callowhill 5-string J(unk) bass, Fender USA Hot Rod P-Bass with P/J pickup configuration; "LullDowsky" 4-string (it's BAAAAACK here where it belongs); a few Valenti 5-strings (one J-bass style with Nordstrand pickups, and one modern 24-fret 5-string with Sadowsky pickups and preamp; Mike Lull M5V in ash/maple (great bass); many Fenders, including an American Standard P-Bass, an olympic white FSR "Hot Rod" Jazz Bass & an Arizona Bass Co. passive 5-string. Other basses I have owned range from a Danelectro to a few dozen more Fenders (Ps and Js) to a couple of Sadowsky NYCs (4 and 5-strings, Vintage and Modern models), a few amazing custom-built basses, including one of the first PBC 5-strings ever built. Amp rigs have included an original 1969-70 SVT head and two custom-built 4x12 cabs, several Ampeg B-15 models -- to a few SWRs and Mesa Boogie amps with many different cabs (Mesa, SWR, Acme, Lo-B, Markbass, etc.), and most-recently a Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0 + Epifani UL-310 cabinet. Also had a vintage MusicMan HD150 hybrid bass amp that I really miss!
    G.A.S. List:
    Hopefully, the bass/amp GAS has subsided, but it never really stops!!!

    I would love to find a nice Markbass or G-K combo amp that can be used for band rehearsals and gigs in smaller venues.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Gerald Veasley, as a friend and mentor; Rob Smith (best bass teacher that there is!); Anthony Wellington, Glenn Marrazzo ..... also Jaco, James Jamerson, Charles Mingus, Chuck Rainey, Francis Rocco Prestia, Nate Watts, "Duck" Dunn, Bob Babbitt, Tony Levin, and a host of others.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    golf and golf equipment fitting/building and repair; motorcycles; and reading


    Doug (a/k/a "funkyjudge")