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Apr 6, 2008
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Male, from Lousy-Anna

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Jul 1, 2015
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    Current Setup:

    1) Rickenbacker: Mostly 90's 4003's, quite a few fireglo's (one flame/curly maple), a mapleglo, a few jetglo's, a '78 white/black binding 4001 with a Kahler, a fretless '02 fireglo, a 5 string 4003, a lefty blue/black bound 4003 (given to my left-handed brother), a couple NOS seagreen's, a couple NOS 4003 blueboy's, and a couple 4003 blueburst's along with an '86 lefty mapleglo V63, an amazing '99 figured maple V63, and a Univox Rick copy for good measure...oh and an '09 dark fireglo 4001C64, and also 2 2011 jetglo's and a fireglo from the latest MF MID $1100 sale before Rick switched to the newer poop-brown fretboard rosewood...and the 1st of 5 "special green" 2011 4001C64's factory refinished by Rickenbacker in 2000 COY seagreen as they couldn't match the "special green" paint, 2014 figured walnut 4003W

    2) Fender: 21 "real" Fenders (for all you snobs ha ha), '78 Precision fully scalloped neck with a Kahler refinished by Pat Wilkins, '74 Jazz with a Kahler, a couple of USA California Series P-Bass Deluxes (vintage white/rosewood and sunburst/maple), '74 Precision (hoping to add a Hipshot trem), four late 90's MIJ '75 reissue Jazz's (1 hard ash sunburst/Geddy neck/kahler and 1 hard ash natural/maple, 1 swamp ash sunburst/rosewood and 1 swamp ash natural/rosewood), '99 MIM purple/blue fretless Jazz, '98 first run Geddy Jazz, '54 Paisley and 2 Blue Flower Precisions...also a 2001 unplayed 50th Anniversary NOS Precision, a Guitar Center FSR Seafoam Metallic P-Bass Deluxe, a blonde Modern Player Tele, a '57 American Vintage Precision in white blonde before they ditched the tinted neck, an FSR Antigua Precision, a 2TS reverse Jaguar, a 2013 3TS Modern Player Starcaster, and a Japanese royal blue Steve Harris signature Precision

    3) Spector: two '88 NS-2A's, red stain and blue stain (with a fully scalloped neck to correct a factory crack in the fretboard), both with Kahlers, and a '99 NSCRFM amber quilt 4 string

    4) Gibson SG Supreme sunburst, and a few Epiphone EB-3's in cherry

    5) Squier: my first lefty '99 or so P-Bass Special, olympic white...one of my best basses. Also a Pro-Tone Precision 5 string in red over figured ash, two 3tsb VM Tele basses (now discontinued), a standard antique burst Jazz, and a bunch of others...5 total lefty and righty P-Bass Specials in antique burst, 2 Classic Vibe sonic blue Precisions, and a Vintage Modified lefty 70's jazz as well as a righty solid flame Vintage Modified 70's jazz (both natural maple), plus a few Squier parts/project basses; necks and bodies...fun!!!!!! Oh also a black on black Affinity Precision P/J...surprisingly amazingly made! Whoops almost forgot a Vintage Blonde VM Telecaster Bass Special and a black on black Afinity P/J that was so stunningly finished and flawless (and cheap) that there was no way I wasn't owning it

    6) Schecter: a couple Stiletto Elite honeyburst 5 strings, a 6 string Stilletto Studio, and an 8 string Stiletto Studio

    7) Peavey: a NOS first run unplayed 1978 T-40 natural/maple, a sunburst/rosewood T-40, and an orange sparkle w/green sparkle pickguard block neck T-40

    8) Miscellaneous: my first bass-Washburn B-2 with a Kahler, a Hosono 5 string fretless, a nuclear green Dean Zone, two putrid puke green Johnson JJ-800 Jazz copies (great basses), an amber SX fretless Jazz copy with maple/cream block neck, a sparkle green ESP fretless...and finally 3 SX's before the hideous headstock revolution...'62 reissue jazz clone with black blocks, fretless ash jazz maple with pearl blocks, lefty ash jazz w/maple blocks...also some Warmoth parts builds


    1) Two (2) Peavey Alphabass heads...THIS is where my preamp tone comes from. If I had to have ONE amp, it would be a Peavey Alphabass. I run this preamp signal through everything else listed below...
    2) Two (2) Orange Thunderverb 200 heads
    3) Two (2) Mesa Bass 400+ heads, one NOS in a Rondo spun aluminum rack
    4) One (1) Peavey Classic 400 head in tweed, matching cab below
    5) Two (2) Ampeg SVT-II heads in SVT-RC cabs, circa 1999, one NOS
    6) Two (2) Ampeg SVT-VR heads...Vietnampeg!
    7) One (1) Fender Rumblebass Custom Shop head in blonde/oxblood
    8) One (1) Peavey Mark III head...70's...my first amp...one of the only amps I can plug straight into and play
    9) Two (2) Peavey 70's "The Bass" heads...preamp gain, distortion, AND fuzz! The 70's were fun...
    10) One (1) Peavey Classic 100 head in tweed...these work AMAZINGLY well for bass! Maiden tone...
    11) One (1) Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead head in black...used for punchy power
    12) One (1) Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead limited edition 1997 Guitar Center purple edition head...again used for power
    13) One (1) Fender Bassman 135 head...70's
    14) One (1) Fender Bassman -Amp 50 watt head...1969, given to me
    15) One (1) Fender Bassman 300 tube head
    16) One (1) Marshall VBA400 head
    17) One (1) Marshall DSL-100 limited edition silver head...used for power and clean old school punch
    18) Peavey power amps: DPC1400, old school 4 rackspace CS-800, two (2) Classic 120/120 tube amps
    19) Carvin DCM-1015 power amp with built in dual 15 band eq's
    20) One (1) Peavey VB-3 early production head
    21) Two (2) Peavey VB-2 heads
    22) Two (2) ADA-MB-1 preamps
    23) Two (2) Peavey Alpha preamps
    24) Peavey T.B. Raxx preamp
    25) Ampeg SVP-BSP preamp previously owned and signed by Billy Sheehan

    Signal chain is: Bass-->Alesis 3630 compressor (1st channel)-->Peavey 80's 215 eq (1st channel)-->Alphabass Input-->DOD 440 Envelope Filter in Alphabass effects loop which is before the Alphabass' built-in graphic EQ-->Alphabass Preamp Output into Peavey 215 eq (2nd channel)-->ADA Ampulator-->Rocktron Studio Hush-->Alesis 3630 compressor (2nd channel)-->Alphabass Poweramp Input...this signal is also sent to any of the other amps either for straight power or more tone tweaking for fun...also used as a cab simulated DI

    The result is 70's distorted but completely controlled midrangey articulate thickness, with envelopy-synthy overtones from the distortion. Kind of a cross between "Moving Pictures" Geddy Lee, "Master of Reality" Geezer Butler, and 70's "Wings Over America" Paul McCartney...


    I mainly use 4X12 cabinets loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's, although I prefer Celestion G12H 30 watt bass cone (55hz) speakers. But, the G12H's are fragile for bass and you can easily deform the paper voice coil formers.

    1) Carvin V412A 4x12 with British Celestion Vintage 30's, covered in Ozite gray/black carpet...my main cabinet from 1989, also my loudest and sweetest
    2) Carvin PB215 2x15 cabinet with mid '90's Peavey 1502DT Black Widows...GREAT midrange bite, my first cab
    3) Peavey 810tvx 8x10 tweed cabinet with Celestion Vintage 10's, crossover bypassed (no tweeter!)
    4) Marshall 1069WSP 1997 35th Anniversary Celestion Greenback loaded white/cream 4x12 cabinet
    5) Marshall 1960A "Orange Crunch" 4x12 cabinet with 70's Celestion Blackback G12H 55hz 30 watters
    6) Two (2) Orange PPC412 cabinets with Celestion chinese Vintage 30's
    7) Orange PPC212 cabinet with Celestion chinese Vintage 30's
    8) Peavey 3620 with dual 18" Black Widows and two 10" Scorpion Plus drivers...a MONSTER cab :)
    9) Peavey 412S 4x12 cabinet, late 70's, loaded with 1201 aluminum dome Black Widows
    10) Peavey 215D-BW 2x15 cabinet, loaded with 1501 aluminum dome Black Widows
    11) Marshall VBC810 8x10 cabinet...stock Eminence speakers for now...
    12) Marshall 1960ASL limited edition silver 4x12 cab with Celestion Heritage G12H reissue 30 watters
    13) Marshall 1960BSL limited edition silver 4x12 cab with Celestion Heritage G12H reissue 30 watters
    14) Carvin G412T 4x12 cab, custom made, tweed covering, stock speakers for now...
    15) Carvin G412B 4x12 cab, custom made, tweed covering, stock speakers yet again for now...
    16) Carvin G412T 4x12 cab, custom made, silver tolex, stock speakers for now...my "portable" cab
    17) Carvin G412B 4x12 cab, custom made, "country western" paisley brown tolex...stock speakers
    18) Marshall MG412A Purple limited edition mini 4x12 cabinet, purple tolex...kind of a project cabinet
    19) Marshall MG412A Silver limited edition mini 4x12 cabinet, silver tolex...another project cabinet
    20) Fender Bassman "large" 1969 2x15 cabinet...empty at the moment...given to me
    21) Two (2) Peavey 412FC 4x12 "flight case" style cabinets with Scorpion Plus speakers
    22) Two (2) Peavey 410FC 4x10 "flight case" style cabinets with Scorpion speakers
    23) Two (2) Peavey 412S beat up old 4x12 cabinets with square magnet old school Eminence original silver dustcap/black dot speakers
    24) Marshall 1960TV cabinet retrofitted with British Celestion Vintage 30's & wired for stereo...can't believe I forgot this one!

    ...and to complete the setup, I'll round everything out one day with an Orange OBC810 8x10, a Mesa Powerhouse 8x10 in purple with Celestion G10 Vintage speakers, and lastly a Fender blonde/oxblood 8x10 with matching Super Bassman and 100T heads both in blonde/oxblood.
    Favorite Genres:
    Everything and Anything!
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