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Apr 23, 2014 at 8:01 AM
Oct 15, 2005
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Luxembourg, Europe

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from Luxembourg, Europe

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Apr 23, 2014 at 8:01 AM
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  • About

    Home page:
    Luxembourg, Europe
    Current Setup:
    Nordstrand Nordy VP(J)5 (ash/RW)
    Nordstrand Nordy VP(J)5 (ash/maple)
    Reverend Rumblefish R5L (ridged aluminium)
    Lakland Darryl Jones 5 (ash/RW w. Aeros)
    MusicMan Stingray 5H (w. Nordstrand MM5.2 PU & 2b-MM preamp)

    Sadowsky SA200
    Ashdown ABM 500 EVOIIIRC (UK)
    MarkBass TA503

    Aguilar db212
    barefaced BigBaby2 (x2)

    RMI Basswitch IQ DI
    Sonic Stomp Turbo tuner pedal
    Xotic Bass RC Booster (modded for a bit more gain)
    MXR 288 Bass Octave Deluxe
    Maxon CP-9Pro
    Darkglass Vintage Deluxe
    Source Audio Soundblox 2 OFD
    Dunlop Way Huge Pork Loin
    Tech21 VT-Bass

    A-Designs REDDI
    Line6 Relay G30
    Dunlop Ultex Standard 0.73 Picks
    Comfort Strapps
    NYC Pedalboards
    VoodooLab power supplies

    Empress Multidrive
    Empress ParaEQ
    Lehle Parellel L
    Lehle Sunday Driver SW
    Lehle Sunday Driver XLR
    Little Lehle
    Lehle P-Split I & II
    Rodenberg GAS-707B LDP
    Orion Minus Booster
    Tech21 SansAmp Paradriver
    Tech21 Sansamp Acoustic DI
    Tech21 Sansamp (original)
    TC Electronics SCF Chorus pedal
    EBS MultiChorus
    Radial JDI
    Radial BigShot I/O
    Radial Big Shot EFX
    Korg DT-7 tuner
    Sennheiser IEM300 G2 system w. UltimateEars UE7Pro inear phones
    TecAmp PleasureBoard
    T-Rex & The GigRig power supplies

    home practice:
    ART MP Tube preamp
    sfx H1 headphone amp
    AKG 271 phones
    SWR LA12 combo
    KORG DTR-1 Tuner
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Daniel Balthasar Band
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Sadowsky NYC Vintage 5 w. Nordstrand Big Singles
    Sadowsky NYC PJ5 alder/brazilian RW
    Sadowsky UV70-5 ash/morado w. SCs
    Sadowsky MV5 w. SCs
    Sadowsky M5-24
    Lakland DJ5 maple board (2x)
    Lakland JO5 w. J-Retro and Fralins
    Lakland JO5 passive w. Fralins
    Lakland 55-64 LOG2010
    Reverend Brad Houser (Bugeye Finish)
    Warwick Thumb BO 5
    esh Sovereign 5
    esh Various 5 (2x)
    esh J "Notorious" 5 string w. Nordstrand Big Singles & Sadowsky pre
    MusicMan Bongo5 H/Piezo
    MusicMan Stingray 5 HH
    Sandberg PM5 w. custom Häussel PUs & Sadowsky pre,
    Sandberg Basic 5
    Trace Elliot T5
    Fender Precision American Standard 5 string (alder/RW)
    Fender Roscoe Beck 5
    Fender Jazz Deluxe 5
    Fender JazzBass (1977)
    Fender Jazz Bass MIJ (90's)
    Gibson G3
    G&L L-2500 (1999)
    G&L L-2500 Tribute
    Hohner B2A
    Ibanez EAD 5 string
    Johnson 305 Acoustic bass

    MarkBass SA450, F1, MoMark TA500/SA500
    Hartke LH-500
    Aguilar db750, AG500SC, TH500
    Weber Mywatt 100 & 200
    Ampeg V4BH (2004), SVT Pro 3
    Mesa Boogie Walkabout, Fathom (M6)
    Genz Benz Streamliner 600, Shuttle Max 9.2, Shuttle 6.0
    TC Electronic RH450
    Ashdown ABM EVO 500RC EVO I & II, Little Bastard LB30 head
    MusicMan HD500
    SWR SM500, ST220, GrandPrix, Mr. ToneControls, SuperRedhead
    TecAmp Puma Combo 110
    Eden Metro Combo, XLT 212, MBX 210
    Sadowsky SA410
    Bergantino HS210
    Baer ML112
    Aguilar GS212, GS112/GS112NT, db112, SL112
    Mesa Boogie 2x10 wedge
    early Hartke 410 XL, 115 XL
    Hartke Hydrive HX112
    Fender Bassman 10
    QSC RMX 850,
    Dean Markley KB-100 combo
    Tech21 Sansamp RBI, PSA-1
    TL Audio 5051 tube Comp/Eq/DI
    Trace Elliot GP12VX
    Line6 BassPod XT Pro

    Sadowsky Preamp/DI, Aguilar Tone Hammer, Aguilar Agro, Aguilar Filter Twin, Darkglass B3K, B7K & Vintage, Xotic Bass BB Preamp, Peterson Strobostomp, early Rocktron 19" Compressor, Rocktron Intellifex, Boss SE50, Boss GT6B, Radial BassBone, Tech21 Sansamp Bassdriver DI (original and programmable), Tech21 SansAmp TriAc, Tech21 GT-2, Korg G5, Maxon AF-9, Ibanez AF9, Marshall VT1, Boss SYB3, Boss OC2 (black label), EBS OctaBass (black face & greyface), EBS BassIQ, EBS MultiComp, Line6 DM4 Distortion Modeler & MM4 Modulation Modeler, MarkBass SuperSynth, Rodenberg GAS-727B & 728B, Akai SB-1 Deep Impact, Demeter Compulator, Fulltone BassDrive Mosfet, Fulltone GT-500, X95 & XDS Plus wireless systems, Sennheiser 372 wireless system, TAB Funkenwerk V71D DI Box, Barge Concepts VFB Blender/Looper, Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer, Planet Waves CT04 pedal strobe tuner, Guyatone TZ5m, Guyatone TZ2, sfx MicroFuzz & micro Thumpinator, lots of other pedals ...
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Scuba Diving


    ... performance starts with conviction!