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Ian Perge
Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2014
May 11, 2001
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Jan 11, 1976 (Age: 38)
Home page:
Evansville, Indiana

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Ian Perge

38, from Evansville, Indiana

Ian Perge was last seen:
Mar 18, 2014
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    Jan 11, 1976 (Age: 38)
    Home page:
    Evansville, Indiana
    Current Setup:
    Absolutely Out-Of-Date (circa August 2009) Bass and Chapman Stick Gear, Effects & Pedalboard/General Signal Chain: http://ianperge.com/images/My_gear/rig_diagram_8_03_09.jpg

    -2012 Epiphone Limited Edition Custom Shop Jack Casady Signature Semi-Hollowbody Bass in Silverburst. Black Hipshot "SuperTone" 3-Point Bridge & HB1 Tuner upgrades to come...
    -2005 Fender Jazz 24 Fretted 4-string in Cherry Sunburst & Lined Fretless 4-String in Tobacco Sunburst with Flame Maple veneer top and Alder body, Maple Neck & 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard, Bassline SJB-3 "Quarter Pounder" Pickups, Duncan Designed 3-Band Active EQ w/ Mid-Cut "Slap Switch", Hipshot Ultralite Tuners and String-Thru-Body/Top-Loading High-Mass Bridge (Fretted "Base Bass" for long-awaited EFX Bass Project: Kahler 7410 Bass Tremolo, Maniac Music Bass Sustainer, J & MM Pickup arrangement for MM, J/MM, and J/J with MM Coil-Cut combinations)
    -2004 Mike Lull Modern 4 with "P-width" Neck, 4A Flame Maple top and Swamp Ash body in Transparent Red with Lindy Fralin pickups & Bartolini NTBT 2-band Preamp w/ Passive Bypass, Passive Tone Control, Hipshot Ultralite Tuners, Bass Xtender & A-Bridge
    -2002 Mike Lull Modern 5 with 4A Flame Maple top and Swamp Ash body in Transparent Amber with Aero J-Bass 5 Type-1 pickups & Bartolini NTMB 3-band preamp with 250/500/750hz Mid-Boost, Passive Bypass, Passive Tone Control, Hipshot Ultralite Tuners, Bass Xtender & A-Bridge
    -Spector "ReBop" Euro Bolt-On DLX FM ("Flame Maple") & EX (Zebrawood "Exotic Top") tops and Alder backs, 3-Piece Maple necks w/ Graphite Reinforcement, Rosewood fretboard & MOP Crown Inlays with custom-wound & EMG-sized Nordstrand Big Single Pickups (EMG 40P5 & 40DC Pickups in Black Cherryburst "Spector American DLX P/DC 5" P-Bass mod) & Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP 3-band Preamps @ 18v (Vol/Vol/Stacked Treble & Bass/Push-Pull Midrange Frequencies @ 400Hz and 800Hz):
    *2008 4-String DLX EX Zebrawood (Natural Finish)
    *2008 5-String DLX EX Zebrawood (Natural Finish)
    *2007 5-String DLX FM Flame Maple (Black Blueburst Lined Fretless with HG Thor Fingerboard Epoxy Coating - Custom color & fretless order, thanks, Stuart & PJ!)
    *2007 5-String DLX FM Flame Maple (Black Cherryburst with EMG 40P5 and 40DC pickups, reproducing Fender's '95-'08 American Deluxe P-Bass with 5-string Precision/Dual Coil pickups)
    -1992 Ibanez SR-800 Lined Fretless 4-string in Jewel Blue with Japanese Basswood body, 3-piece Maple neck & Rosewood fingerboard, AFR P/J pickups and Vari-Mid III 2-band Active Preamp (First "Quality" bass, professionally defreted in 2002: waiting for Nordy P/J & Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP upgrade... or sale)
    -1996 Ibanez SR-1206 6-String with Flame Maple top and Mahogany back in Natural, 5-piece Maple/Walnut neck & Wenge fretboard, Soapbar (Internal 6-String "P" structure) Pickups and Ibanez 3-band Vari-Mid III Preamp (waiting for Nordy 6-String Pickups & Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP Preamp upgrade... or sale)
    -2005 Music Man SUB Sterling 4-string with Poplar body in Textured Cinnamon (1 of *6* 2003-2006 USA-Made SUBs produced with the Cinnamon Rust Red/Green/Gold Pearlecent "Flip-Flop" Finish according to EBMM) w/ Active 3-band Preamp and Ernie Ball aftermarket White Pearloid pickguard (tuned to C/C# Standard)
    -1996 Taylor AB-2 four-string Acoustic Bass Guitar with Natural Imbuia (Brazilian Walnut) body & top, Mahogany neck, & Imbuia headstock w/ Fishman ABGP-2 two-band preamp & piezo pickup (Upgrade to newer Piezo/Internal Mic & Preamp to come...)

    Chapman Stick:
    -2014 Chapman Stick 10-String SN#6287 Laminated Light Bamboo with Red Recon Stone Linear Inlays, ACTV-2 EMG Pickup Block & Black Hipshot Tuners in Baritone Melody Tuning

    -2010 Paul Reed Smith SE Special 25th Anniversary Custom 24 in Scarlet Red modified with Grover 406 Locking Tuners, TUSQ XL Teflon Nut, Q-Parts "Rippled Pearl" Knobs, DiMarzio Crunch Lab & LiquiFire pickups & Tremol-No "trem blocker"
    -2010 Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut NOS hardtail in Transparent Grey-Black modified with Grover 406 Locking Tuners, TUSQ XL Teflon Nut & Q-Parts "Black Pearl" Knobs
    -2006 Jackson DXMGT hardtail in Transparent Black Cherry w/ EMG-HZ passive pickups (The Wife's, but she lets me use it from time-to time ;)
    -1993 Fender Squire Strat in Black with Maple fretboard, custom Silver Pearloid pickguard with upgraded "Tex-Mex" overdriven single-coil pickups and standard Fender tremolo tuned to E standard (currently being reassembled/rewired)
    -DeltaLab DGFX1 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal (w/ USB Output for Digital Recording)
    -Peavey Vypyr 15 Digital Modeling Amplifier

    "Expanding Hands" Tony Levin-Licensed "Funk Fingers": Natural Light and Red Heavy versions

    Strings: D'Addario Custom Progressive Tension 4 & 5-String sets from "Bass Strings Online": ProSteels on Fretted Basses, XL Nickels on Fretless Basses & Spector Euro Bolt-On "American DLX P-Bass" P/DC 5-string, EXL-170BT Balanced Tension XL Nickels on Fender Jazz 24 Fretless & Fretted "EFX Bass" for Kahler Bass Tremolo balanced tension, EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze on Taylor AB-2 Acoustic Bass Guitar & Nickel Would "Light Top/Heavy Bottom" 10-52 Electric Guitar Strings. Many thanks to Jason Mendelson of BSO for working out *my* personalized Progressive Tension String Gauges with me over the phone and fantastic Customer Service!

    For Sale:
    -Aphex Punch Factory (earlier "Orange Box" version) Optical Compressor/D.I.
    -Dunlop DC-Brick Power Supply
    -EMG-HZ "35" (4-string) & "40" (5-string) Passive "CS" ceramic & steel Soapbar Pickups: 2 pickups per set, 1 set of 35s, 2 sets of 40s
    -Spector TonePump 2-band Boost-only Preamps near-completely wired together & w/ Spector Knobs: 2 units
    -Korg DT-10 Chromatic Tuner
    -Q-Parts Mini Dome Knobs in Rippled White Pearl shell & Blue Abalone Shell with "Black" plating (much closer to "Cosmo/Smokey Chrome" such as Ibanez uses) - *4* of each color

    Outboard ("Front-of-Rig") Effects:
    Pedaltrain PT-2-HC Pedalboard #1 (EFX 'Board) modified by Ed Reed for underneath mounting of Power Supply containing (in Signal Chain order):
    -Dunlop M87 Bass Compressor
    -Loop-Master 6-Loop Effects Switcher Strip (L#:)
    -L1: Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
    -L2: Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp/Overdrive
    -L3: Tech-21 XXL Bass Overdrive/Distortion
    -L4: MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe
    -L5: MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter
    -L6: T-Rex The Sweeper Bass Chorus
    -Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster
    -Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ Power Supply (mounted underneath pedalboard)
    Pedaltrain PT-JR-SC Pedalboard #2 ("Pedal PedalBoard" aka Secondary Pedalboard) containing:
    -Dunlop Cry-Baby 105Q Bass Wah
    -Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal
    -Zoom Expression Pedal for Manual Filter control of the SWR Mini Mo' Preamp's Onboard "Bassynth" Envelope Filter Effect
    -Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner
    -DigiTech JamMan Looper (in preamp effects loop)
    -SWR Interstellar Overdrive Preamp Clean/Dirty Footswitch

    -SWR Mini Mo' Preamp with Onboard Effects: Overdrive/Distortion, SubWave (Octave), BassSynth, Mo' EQ (2nd post-preamp shelving EQ section to modify tonality of the internal effects) & Chorus w/ 4 Preset Groups of Effects, Effect Bypass, Tuner Mute, "Dual Mode" splitting of Clean and Effects signals to separate cabinets, and various preamp functions controlled by "Mo' Control 2 Master Footswitch"
    -SWR Interstellar Overdrive tube Preamp/Power amp (2 x EL84s) with Overdrive function & blend control for mixing Clean and Overdrive signals and "Overdrive" On/Off Pedal
    -QSC PLX 1602 Power Amp
    -Avatar B210 2x10" Neo Cabinet ("Clean" cabinet in Mini Mo' "Dual Mode")
    -Avatar B212 2x12" Neo cabinets ("Effects" cabinet in Mini Mo' "Dual Mode")
    -SKB Roll-X 5-space rack (3U Mini Mo' Preamp and 2U Power Amp)
    -SKB Standard 3-space rack (1U Interstellar Overdrive Preamp and 2U Power Amp)
    -Auralex GRAMMA Riser
    Ibanez Promethean P3110 300 Watt 1x10" Bass Combo Amp (Chapman Stick amp, Practice, Rehearsal, Home Recording, Small Gig & Taylor AB-2 ABG amplification)

    Practice, Randomness, and Recording:
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50s & ATH-M40fs Studio Monitor Headphones and Shure SCL3 Sound Isolating Earbuds/IEMs, Dunlop Dual-Design StrapLoks in Black & Chrome, GarageBand 3, Gator / Pro Tec / Spector Gig Bags & Hardshell Cases, Korg BT-2 "Bass" Tuner (bought in 1991, on my pedalboard for *15* years and STILL my Practice Tuner!), 15" MacBook Pro, M-Audio FireWire 410 interface, M-Audio Axiom 49 MIDI Keyboard Controller & Key Rig Virtual Keyboard Rack, Mono GS1 "The Betty" / Neotech Super & Mega Bass Straps / Comfort Strapp and various other weight-relieving straps, ProTools M-Powered 7.1 & Various plug-in/drum/loop software (upgrading), Tascam CD-BT1MKII Bass Trainer & Tascam CD-SP1 CD Trainer Travel Case w/ speakers for Road/Vacation practicing... and no Behringer ever!
    Favorite Genres:
    "Music". There's "Good" & "Bad", and whatever genre it's supossedly in means nothing to my listening pleasure.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    -1989 "Pro Session"-labeled Precision copy
    -1992 Fender Jazz Plus V five-string in Black (bought in 2002, first Jazz Bass purchase in 13 years of playing & made me a near-complete convert to bolt-ons... :)
    -1994 Washburn MB-2 P-bass tuned BEAD (early live work only)
    -1997 Yamaha BBN5A (Nathan East Series, used for Studio Work in late '90s)
    -2002 MIM Fender Jazz Standard passive four-string in Midnight Wine modified with Bassline SJB-2 "Hot" Jazz Bass pickups, Hipshot Ultralight Tuners, Gotoh 201 Bridge and White Pearloid pickguard. Fantastic Modded Passive Bass,... (the first of my two "Regretted Sales")
    -2002 Spector ReBop 4 Natural Oil with EMG 35-DC/CS pickups and BTS preamp system (in retrospect a "Regretted Sale" as it would have been perfect for my "EFX Bass" platform, but it *did* helped fund my "ZeBop DLX EX" 4-string)
    -2003 Yamaha RBX-775 five-string Fretted in Flat Silver & Custom Lined Fretless w/ matching blue fretlines in Flat Blue. Michael Tobias gave me props on the professional-looking/sounding defret and installation of matching Blue inlaid fretlines! :-D
    -2004 Ibanez Prestige RKB-900 with Basslines SPB/SJB-3 "Quarter Pounder" P/J setup in Vintage Sunburst (the 2nd "Regretted Sale")
    -2003 to 2006 Music Man SUB 4 & 5-strings & SUB Sterling 4-string
    -2009 Epiphone Special Run Thunderbird-IV Limited Edition in Silverburst with Mahogany body, Chrome hardware & pickup covers
    -2005 to 2010 Fender Jazz 24 4 & 5-strings with Alder body, Basslines SJB-3 and 5 "Quarter Pounder" Pickups & Duncan Designed 3-Band Active EQ w/ Mid-Cut "Slap Switch". Still own two 4-strings (one Fretted, one Lined Fretless) and the 5 was a Great Deal but a bit too heavy & wide string-spacing for my hands
    2010 Schecter Diamond-P Custom-4 P/Dual Coil (splitable to Single J) 4-string in Vintage White

    -Peavey MAX-110 1x10" Practice Combo
    -Peavey TNT-150 1x15" Gig/Recording Combo used with the above TKO as a "dirty" effects amp

    Effects, Random Randomness:
    Akai Deep Impact Bass Synth (oh, to reverse this sale as well... )
    Boss Bass BE5B multi-effects unit
    Digitech Bass Whammy (this back in a Loop to cut down on the engaged noise factor but I mainly used it for the Octave Up which my Micro POG handles far better, so I'm not weeping about it...)
    Digitech Bass Multi-Chorus
    Digitech DigiDelay
    Electro-Harmonix POG
    Hipshot Ultralite tuners & Bass Xtenders (Various models/types)
    Hipshot "A-Style" Bass Bridges
    Korg DT-10 Tuner (moved to a Korg PitchBlack simply for pedalboard space, but still a fantastic tuner)
    Pedaltrain JR-SC
    Tascam CD-BT1 & 2 Portable CD Bass Trainer
    Yamaha Magicstomp EB multi-effects unit ("Regretted Sale" as I grabbed it while discontinued and should have kept for various odd effects and studio/demo/recording purposes)
    G.A.S. List:
    The Near-Future:
    -Outfitting my Fender Jazz 24 Cherry Sunburst as my long-desired "EFX Bass" which includes a Kahler 7410 Bass Tremolo, Maniac Music's "Bass Sustainiac" Driver for "Infinite Sustain" (check out Terry Law on YouTube for the same Kahler/Sustainiac Bass concept) & Basslines Music Man pickup in the Bridge Position coil-tapped for 3 pickup arrangements: Solo MM, J & MM, and J/J with MM coil-cut engaged
    -Installing Black Hipshot "SuperTone" Bridge and HB1 Tuners in Jack Casady Signature to match its Silverburst finish and increase Tone & Tuning Stability
    -Godin A5 Natural Unlined Fretless 5-String Semi-Acoustic Bass
    -MXR Bass Overdrive & Bass Chorus Deluxe pedals
    -NS Designs CR5 Omni Bass 5-String: 34" scale EUB w/ "Boomerang Strap" to shift from Upright to Electric Playing Positions
    -Avatar SB112 (2), B210, B212 & B410 Neo-loaded Cabinets w/ Line-X Coatings
    Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550 Head and/or Fusion MB-800 Ultralite Tube Heads & Neo 112-II (2), 212-II & 410 Cabinets

    When Money Flows like Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry: Custom Mike Lull Basses with Alder bodies, Spalted or Quilted Maple tops, Birdseye Maple & Ebony fretboards w/ Stainless Steel frets, Matching Headstocks, Bartolini NTMB or Aguilar OBP-3 Preamps & Custom Bassline Pickups, Hipshot Ultralite Tuners and A-style Piezo-equipped Bridges...
    -M5 in Natural Spalted Mapleburst or Flamed Maple in Faded Black Deminburst w/ Matching Headstock, Birdseye Maple Fretboard & Hipshot Piezo-equipped A-Bridge
    -M5 fretless in Natural Spalted Mapleburst or Flamed Maple in Faded Blue Denimburst w/ Matching Headstock, Lined Ebony Fingerboard & Hipshot Piezo-equipped A-Bridge
    -Modern 5 "PJ(DC)5-24" w/ 5-String Precision & Dual Coil pickups) in Candy Apple Orange with Matching Headstock, Birdseye Maple Fretboard, Black PG with custom Bassline P5 & Black Pearloid PG with custom Bassline J5 with Bassline NYC 5 Passive Phase II Dual Coil Pickups in bridge position (Fender's '95-'08 American Deluxe Precision P/DC pickup setup in a Jazz body) or Nordstrand equivalent Pickups for hardwired Quick-Change Pickguards from P/DC to J/DC, and Hipshot Piezo-equipped A-Bridge
    -JT5-24 5-string with Mahogany body, Brazilian Rosewood or Birdseye Maple fretboard in Silverburst with Matching Headstock, T-Bass Pickups, NTMB or OBP-3 Preamp, Hipshot Ultralite "Y"-key Tuners & A-Bridge in Black

    -Spector Euro Bolt-On DLX EX Zebrawood tops/Alder back Basses with custom Nordstrand Big Single Pickups & Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP Preamps:
    -Spector Euro Bolt-On 4 DLX FM 4-String Fretted with custom Silverburst finish & Maple fretboard with Black Crown Inlays, Kahler 2410 Bass Tremolo in Black, Nordstrand 4-string P/J Pickups
    ~Spector Euro Bolt-On Fretless with Ultraviolet/Black-Stained Zebrawood top & Ebony or Pau Ferro Lined Fingerboard. Custom EMG-Sized Nordstrand Big Single Pickups, Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP Preamp & Black Hardware
    -Spector Euro Bolt-On DLX EX/FM 5-Strings: Fretted with Magenta/Black-Stained Zebrawood top & Maple Fretboard with Black Crown Inlays, and Fretless with Cobalt/Black-Stained Zebrawood top & Ebony or Pau Ferro Lined Fingerboard. Custom EMG-Sized Nordstrand Big Single Pickups & Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP Preamp
    -Spector Legend Classic 6-Strings: Fretted with "Slate Grey" Quilted Maple Veneer top and non-figured Maple body, Rosewood fretboard with custom Crown Inlays to replace standard Dot Inlays, and Lined Fretless with Black Cherry finish & Rosewood Lined Fingerboard. Custom EMG-sized Nordstrand Big Single Pickups, Aguilar OBP-3SK/PP & Black Hardware
    -NS Design CR5 Fretless "Omni Bass" 5-String Electric-Upright Bass with Electric Bass Scale Length (34") in Satin Black w/ NS Design Boomerang Strap System and Gig Bag included (NS Design Carbon-Fibre "Composite Bow" needed)
    -Rob Allen Deep 5 Lined Fretless Semi-Hollowbody Bass with Integrated Thumbrest & Gig Bag
    -Taylor AB Series (1996-2003) Lined Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar & Gig Bag
    -Music Man Bongo 5 HS Honey Roasted Mahogany-Bodied PDN or Dargie Delight II (w/ Black Hardware from the "Stealth" Instruments if I can talk Sterling Ball into accepting more money for it! :-)
    ~Chapman Stick 10-String Laminated Bamboo stained Red or Red Padauk with White Pearl Recon Linear Inlays, ACTV-2 Active EMG Pickup Block, Black Hipshot Tuners & Dual Bass Reciprocal Tuning
    Influences and Teachers:
    Rick Allen, Michael Anthony, Bryan Beller, Rex Brown, Adam Clayton, Nathan East, Colin Edwin, Jon Evans of Tori Amos' Band, Tony Franklin, Simon Gallup, Tom Hamilton, Amy Humphrey (of "Clatter"), Mike Inez, Eddie Jackson, Mike Keneally, Geddy Lee, Tony Levin, Doug Lunn, Sean Malone, Bear McCreary of "Battlestar Gallactica" scoring fame, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, William Murderface, John Myung, Jason Newsted, Pino Palladino, Trent Reznor's live & studio playing & synth bass programming, Billy Sheehan, Daniel Shulman and all the "Garbage" live & studio bassists, Peter Steele & Doug Wimbish. And Bryan Beller again, 'cause it can't be said enough. ;-)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Fiction writing & literature, Good stouts & vodkas, cinema, comedy, Disability Activism, Sci-Fi...


    Yahoo! Messenger: