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    Home page:
    Minneapolis, MN
    Current Setup:
    -FrankenBenavente (Benavente 51' neck, Squier P5 Body, Nordstrand NP5 and NJ5 pups)
    -TC Electronic Polytune Mini
    -EHX Micro POG
    -GGG Tuned Big Muff Pi
    -Fulltone Bassdrive MOSFET Clone
    -Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr
    -Boss DD-7
    -GK MB Fusion 500
    -Avatar B410 Neo w/ Line-X coating
    -Pedaltrain PT-1-HC
    Favorite Genres:
    Post Rock/Post Punk/Post Metal stuff
    Previously Owned Gear:
    In chronological order:

    -Ibanez GSR200 (Jewel Blue)
    -Schecter Omen 5 (Gloss Black)
    -OLP MM2 (Gun Metal)
    -Johnson Acoustic Electric Bass (Natural)
    -Epiphone Explorer Bass (Black)
    -Laurel AK-47 Bass (Gun Metal)
    -Custom made 6 String (Natural)
    -Warwick Corvette $$ 4 String (Burgundy Red)
    -Washburn BB6-Z (Natural)
    -Schecter AB-5 (Wine)
    -OLP MM3 (Natural Flamed Maple Top)
    -SX SJB-75 5 String w/ Bartolini's (Natural)
    -G&L Tribute SB-2 (Vintage Yellow)
    -Spector Rebop 5 (Was: Natural Oil | Now: Stained Mahogany)

    -Gallien-Krueger Backline 250 head
    -Gallien-Krueger Backline 600 head
    -Kustom Groove Bass 1200HD x2
    -Carvin Pro Bass 300 II
    -Eden WT-800
    -Fender Bassman 300 Pro
    -Ampeg SVT-3 PRO
    -Peavey Max 700
    -Peavey VB-2
    -GK MB 800

    -ART Tube MP Studio
    -ART Tube MP Studio V3
    -Audere JZ3

    Power amps
    -Peavey Classic 120
    -Crown XLS 402D

    -Gallien-Krueger Backline 410 cab
    -Kustom Groove Bass 215H
    -2x15's loaded w/ Eminence CB15's x2
    -Fender Bassman 410H
    -Crate BX215E
    -1x18 loaded w/ EV EVX-180B
    -4x10 loaded w/ Madison Warriors
    -Peavey TVX 810
    -Avatar CB115

    -Peavey MicroBass III

    -Fender PT-100 x2
    -Behringer BTR2000
    -Boss TU-2
    -Korg DT-10

    -DigiTech BP50
    -DigiTech Bass Driver x2
    -Danelectro FAB Distortion
    -Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
    -Boss GEB-7 x2
    -Boss LMB-3
    -Tech 21 SansAmp BDDI (v1)
    -Tech 21 Sansamp Programmable BDDI
    -EHX USA Big Muff Pi
    -EHX LPB-1
    -EHX Bass Big Muff Pi
    -ProCo Vintage Reissue Rat (Ruetz Mod)
    -EHX Holier Grail
    -Fulltone Bass Drive
    -Gator Powered Pedal Tote
    -Line 6 Echo Park
    -Zvex Wooly Mammoth Clone
    -Tech 21 VT Bass (v1)
    -Demeter Tremulator Clone
    -Xotic Bass BB Preamp Clone (w/ Flexi Clip)
    -Line 6 DL4 (switch & LED mods)
    -EHX POG2
    -Boss OC-2
    -Boss TU-2
    -Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
    -Zvex Super Hard On Clone
    -Catalinbread SFT Clone
    -Fulltone OCD Clone
    -TC Electronic Flashback
    -Akai Headrush E2
    -(Another) ProCo Rat Clone [diode & Ruetz mods]
    Influences and Teachers:
    Brian Cook (Russian Circles), Colin DeKuiper (Russian Circles), Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Kathy Coppola (Circle Takes the Square), and Ira Wolf Tuton (Yeasayer).

    Guitarists: Munaf Rayani (Explosions in the Sky), Craig Minowa (Cloud Cult), Drew Speziale (Circle Takes the Square).
    Hobbies and Interests:
    DIY pedal building