Sep 12, 2006
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    1. JackANSI
      Fact: If you drop enough names your opinion becomes a fact. You wouldn't believe how many D-listers & recording engineers have told me that.
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    2. JackANSI
      I have a total love/hate thing for effects pedals. Variety is great! Carrying that pedal board case that's heavier than my amp rig? ...
    3. JackANSI
      Seriously? You thought bringing only a tiny rig to the audition would land you the gig? At least load the big rig in the car JIC.
    4. JackANSI
      IMO, if you're buying into the 1x12 and 1x10 cab-only (not talking practice combos) thing, you're being ripped off BIG TIME.
    5. JackANSI
      A true idiot once said: I think this amp is louder, therefore it is.
    6. JackANSI
      Green boy's boxes are just a rip of a JBL cab, resized to match the drivers chosen (Carvin also did a rip of the same cab, the LSx series).
    7. JackANSI
      If you're having battery issues with an active bass so often that it stresses you, you're doing something wrong or too lazy to be a musician
    8. JackANSI
      If you have to start a thread "Active basses... WHY???" and then do nothing but be a dick to anyone who doesn't agree... You're a troll.
    9. JackANSI
      1-2-3-4! If not, you need to practice more!
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  • About

    Current Setup:
    1994 Yamaha BBN5 with Seymour Duncan NYC Phase II pickups (with Neck: Series/split/parallel switch, Bridge: north/series/south switch), EMG BTC + 2x VMC preamps (with a/p switch).

    1997 Yamaha BBN4, Hand-wound J-style pickups (by me, multi-gauge/stratified windings, non-overlapping windings per layer, bar with stub poles), very early EMG BQA Pre, Kahler Tremolo.

    2009 Fender Custom Classic Jazz - Fender Custom Shop, Babicz FCH Bridge

    2015 Squier Vintage Modified Jazz V

    2015 Squier Vintage Modified PJ

    2016 Schecter 2848 Model-T Session

    Rig 1:
    Carvin HD2000
    Carvin BR410-4 or BRX10.4

    Rig 2:
    TC Electronic RH-236 (RH-450)
    2x TC Electronic RS-212

    Rig 3:
    Just about every rack preamp I could get my hands on in one rack. Ampeg, Fender, Trace Elliot, Demeter, Pope, Ashdown, ADA, etc.
    Custom audio routing I built around 2 AD8113 16x16 chips.
    Hafler XL600 power amp
    Carvin BRX15.3

    Also-owns: SVT 2 Pro, SVT212AV, SVT410HLF, Harte HA2500, '76 Bassman 10, Carvin MB12 (Faital Pro 12PR300 loaded, resealed), Retired basses: '76 Fender Jazz, '64 Klira, '81 Fender P, '89 Ibanez RD828LE, '77 Hofner Beatle Bass, '91 Yamaha BB3000, '84 G&L L2000

    Mic bag:
    Heil PR40
    Shure Beta 52A
    Sennheiser e902
    Sennheiser e935

    Effects and stuff:
    Pedaltrain classic pro & hard case
    Pigtronix Infinity & remote
    Mr. Black Bass OD
    Darkglass Duality Fuzz
    TC Electronic SpectraComp Compressor
    Source Audio Soundbox Pro Bass Envelope Filter
    Source Audio HotHand 3
    Source Audio SA161 expression
    Ernie Ball VP JR
    Midisizer midiGAL (modded midiCLK firmware for beat clock and tap-tempo)
    Markbass Super Synth

    On deck:
    Darkglass B7K
    Basswitch Sonic Spark
    Source Audio SA242 Gemini Chorus
    Source Audio SA240 Mercury Flanger
    Source Audio SA170 Programmable EQ
    Source Audio SA164 Hub
    Ernie Ball 6182 MVP
    Eventide PitchFactor
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Carvin LB75P
    Warmoth P
    Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4 HH
    Schecter Stiletto Custom-5 (sucked)
    Schecter 2848 Model T Session (poor quality, assembled by blind monkeys, got a second and it's much better)
    Conklin 7-string with piezos (great but too big)

    Amps (I miss):
    Trace Elliot GP7SM Bass Head (wish I never sold it :(... )

    As much as I'd like to list them all, its too big a list to keep track of.
    G.A.S. List:
    Genz Benz Streamliner 900. Best mini amp. Ever...
    Possible contender for that: Mesa Subway D-800

    Bergantino CN212

    Always looking for:

    Mid/late 90's Carvin LB75A
    90's Yamaha BBN5A
    MIJ Fender Marcus Miller Jazz
    Fender Jazz Bass 24

    Feel free to PM if you have one and want to sell.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Carol Kaye, Tim Commerford, Robert DeLeo, Les Claypool, Meshell Ndegeocello, Mike Hachey, Mark White, Wilton Felder, Marcus Miller, Chuck Rainey, Richard Bona, Kirk Powers, Anthony Wellington, Charlie Roberts, John Eaton, More later..

    Least of all: Jaco Pastorious and Cliff Burton. Both very overrated in their contribution. Jaco especially has turned into some kind of "you have to like him to be a bass player" kind of litmus test. Even if you never listen to or even hear about Jaco you can still be a top bassist. Period, end of sentence.
    (To quote the great Ricky Bobby: "That just happened!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6JHguDt4Lw)

    Huge influence:
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Auto racing, Ham radio, Tinkering with digital electronics, Fabrication, Vintage engine repair (as in, large stationary engines (steam and combustion) from early 1800 to 1930)

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