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Reno, Nevada
Bassist and Bass Repairman


Male, from Reno, Nevada

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    Reno, Nevada
    Bassist and Bass Repairman
    Current Setup:
    Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0 head
    Pearce B2p biamp head- the best bass head ever made! NOW OUT OF RETIREMENT!
    GK MB-150 for upright gigs, Ampeg PF500 PF210 HE upgraded with Deltalite 300 watt 2510lf's, from my retired Avatar first generation B-410 neo cab- oops, the 500 cuts out! Gee what a surprise! A pretty non functional corner ornament.

    CARVIN 10.2 NEO cabinet- an amazing 50 pound mysteriously killer bass cab....
    upgraded with Eminence 300 watt 2510lf's , Sunn 2-15 sh folded horn, Mesa Powerhouse 12, EA CXL112, EA VL-210, Edwards 1-15 folded horn (home built-like a tank), 1 Cerwin-Vega B-36 mf cabs, and a few cabinets I just don't use.
    Just got a killer 8 ohm 800 watt Schroeder 15L
    Favorite Genres:
    POST BOP mid 60's jazz, blues, and R&B. 60's pop- rock- Beatles, ALL British invasion stuff... Mowtown, Wrecking Crew music, to early 70's classic rock....
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Freelance jazz and everything else bassist...original bassist for Karaoke Rockstarz, Reno, Nevada. 'SUBDAVE' is my nickname- 63 years old, know thousands of tunes. Giant Steps to Lady Gaga.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Ampeg-B-15N (2), BT-15c, B-410 combo, B-248 combo, SVT head with old and new style 8-10 cabs, Sunn Coliseum 880, Acoustic 450 heads, Marshall Major head w/4-15's, Peavey 1510 cab, Hartke 410 cab, Marshall 3540 bi-amp head Gallien Krueger 400 rb, 800 rb, 1001rb, MB150 combo, UBER-RARE GMT 2-12 folded horn combo, Trace Elliot RAH-350 smx, Mackie M-1400 amp with SWR Grand Prix pre-amp, Trace 1153 1-15 and 2-10 cab, Peavey 2-10 tvx, SWR workingman's 12, Traynor Bassmate and YBA3a. Avatar B-410 neo, Avatar B-112 rear port, Ampeg BSE 410 hlf, GK 4-10B, SWR Triad, SWR Goliath 1, Acme Low B 410, Cerwin-Vega B-36 MF, Sunn 215SH (Still have it) Euphonic Audio CXL 112 ( blew up the killer sounding coaxial) Now has a Faital Pro 12 and a Selenium tweeter- EA VL-210, Carvin BRX 10.2 NEO,
    And a lot of gear I'm forgetting.
    G.A.S. List:
    Carvin B1500 bi-amp, BRX 10.4 NEO, Fender Fiesta red lefty 62 reissue Jazz bass, Alembic series 2 long scale lefty, Ampeg (1 made- it'll never happen!) or Bruce Johnson new Aub scroll bass- lefty. Schroeder bass cabinets.
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Entwistle, Anthony Jackson, Glen Cornick, Greg Lake, Joe Schermie, Jimmy Garrison, Bob Cranshaw, James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt, Joe Osborn, Charles Mingus, Sam Jones, and EVERYBODY else!
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Airplanes, flight simulation
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