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Jun 9, 1992 (Age: 23)
Milwaukee, WI


23, from Milwaukee, WI

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    Jun 9, 1992 (Age: 23)
    Milwaukee, WI
    Current Setup:
    Peavey T45
    Hondo Ric copy
    Washburn Scavenger
    Squier VM Bass VI
    Soviet/Japan No Name bass
    Aria Pro II XXB Flying V

    BOSS TU-2
    ARTcessories Coolswitch
    MIJ BOSS Flanger
    BOSS Tremelo
    90s RI Big Box Rat
    TC Ditto
    Dunwich DI/preamp
    EHX Lpb-1
    EHX Black Russian Muff
    EHX Cathedral verb
    WUMBO Muff
    Bear Amps Blu Bear-D))) Muff
    Bear Amps Lucifuzz
    Bear Amps Series/Parallel cab box
    EQD Ghost Echo
    MXR Blue Box
    MXR Carbon Copy
    DOD 250
    DOD Studio 410 BiFet
    Voodoo labs power supply
    Hex Cabs Phase Wizard
    Lone Wolf Audio Backhand

    Archer Telephone Listener amp of DOOM
    Tuxedo face Peavey PA 200
    Tuxedo face Peavey Musician 300
    Tuxedo face Peavey Bass 300
    Non-master Peavey Standard 260
    69 Peavey Vulcan restored by Bear Amps
    Peavey Festival 800 Booster
    Peavey Mace VT
    Peavey Mk3 Musician
    65 Peavey Musician "No. 1"
    Epiphone Valve Jr.

    Peavey 215 w/ EVM15B 400 watt Pros (out on trade)
    Peavey 118
    Peavey folded 18
    Peavey 1820
    Peavey Oversized 412 cab stuffed with 218s
    Peavey 412
    Peavey 610
    Ampeg 810 (in on trade)
    Homebrew oversized 115 w/Altec Lansing
    Sonic 115
    Sonic 218+210 (empty)

    Hondo LP copy
    1930's Regal small body acoustic guitar
    1967 Guild small body acoustic guitar
    1995 Guild D-40 acoustic guitar
    Nylon acoustic guitar
    Favorite Genres:
    RIFFS O)))
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Current...Galactic Hatchet, TGWN, PVY | Past...VEGA, Flying Medusa, Brave Ulysses, cool world, ROCKET SOCKS!, Skyline Providence, Severed Silence, WAWM School District Orchestra for 13 years
    Previously Owned Gear:
    School's upright bass
    Fender Mustang RI bass
    Warwick FNA bass
    Warwick Rockbass Corvette $$
    Dearmound/Guild Starfire hollowbody bass*
    Hartke HA3500
    HH Electronics Bass Machine
    Ampeg B2R
    Yamaha B100
    Dwarfcraft Devices THE GREAT DESTROYER*
    EHX Big Muff Pi
    EHX Micro Bass Synth*
    Mojo Hand Colossus
    Sunn Beta 205x2
    Acoustic 220
    Acoustic 833 power amp
    EHX Freeze
    ADA Flanger
    Ibanez Echo Shifter
    Old Blood Noise Procession

    G.A.S. List:
    Guild B302
    Baseball bat neck Ric
    Upright Bass
    Flying V
    Dunwich DA120OD
    MOAR Peavey...Century 200H, Tuxedo Standard
    Tube reverb unit
    Influences and Teachers:
    Steve Rindt, my orchestra conductor/bass teacher for 11 years
    Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie
    Al Cisneros of Om/Sleep
    Salems Pot
    Geezer Butler
    Larry Graham
    Hobbies and Interests:
    I'm proudly an Ent and Gearhead


    PVYHenge ○))) BEAR Amps