Dec 21, 2012
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Concord, NH

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Male, from Concord, NH

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    Concord, NH
    Current Setup:
    Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70s (w/ Nordstrand NJ4 70s & Badass II)
    GHS Precision Flats
    Ampeg B-100R

    Fairfield Circuitry Accountant
    Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
    EQD Sea Machine
    EQD Depths
    VFE Alpha Dog
    VFE Woodchipper (coming)
    VFE Old School v2
    TC Electronic Trinity
    TC Electronic Polytune Mini
    devi ever : fx Don't Fear the Noise
    devi ever : fx Year of the Rat
    Boss BF-2
    Recovery Couple Skate
    Aguilar Octamizer
    MXR JHM3EHT Uni-Vibe
    3leaf Proton
    Caroline Kilobyte

    various cables
    West Coast Pedal Board
    CAE MC-403
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Surf
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Acoustic B30; devi ever : fx Aenima; MXR Bass Octave Deluxe; Catalinbread Perseus; EHX Micro Q-tron; Boss PH-3 & FRD-1; Pigtronix Disnortion; Dunlop JHM3 Univibe; devi ever : fx Vintage Fuzz Master; DOD FX25B; amptweaker Bass TightDrive; Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop; TC Electronic Alter Ego; Gojira Fuzz War; Blackout Effectors Musket; EQD Monarch; EQD Organizer; Catalinbread WIIO; Recovery Electric; Infanem Small Echo Array; SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9; Boss OC-2; Skreddy Supa Tone; Fairfield Operator; Heavy Electronics Sonic Oppressor; Recovery 9 Volt Disaster; Moog MF Ring; Source Audio Orbital; EHX B9; SolidGoldFX Stutterbox
    G.A.S. List:
    Various Fender Js and Ps; Warmoth custom - Top secret!; Reverend Dub King; Univox Stereo; Burny LPB-65; Mayones Patriot V-Fret 5; Veillette Archtop; Reeves 225; Janice 412+6; Science Mother; Hovercraft Elder Giant; Ampeg B-15N; Philosophy amp; Orange Terror Bass 500, AD200B, Super Bass, and 810; Hiwatt DR201; Marshall JCM800; Aguilar TH500; Pigtronix Bass Philosopher & Bass Envelope Phaser; Taurus Lex & Dexter; SS/BS Buzzz!; 3leaf Enabler; Pedal Projects Growly; Hammond Leslie "G"; Catalinbread Echorec & Belle Epoch; IE Subterranea; 3leaf octave & mystery pedal; DBX BoomBox; TWA Little Dipper 2.0; Providence Anadime Bass Chorus; Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl; TC Electronic Alter Ego v2 and T2; Hexe Bitcrusher; Boss DM-2 and FZ-2; FEA DE-CL; Infanem Compact Faye Sing B; EQD Afterneath; DryBell Vibe Machine; Fairfield Barbershop v1; Skreddy Supa Tone v2
    Influences and Teachers:
    In no particular order: Horace Panter, Bruce Foxton, Phil Lynott, Noel Redding, Peter Hook, Flea, Les Claypool, Tim Commerford, Andrew Levy, Adam Yauch, Jill Cunniff, Benjamin Orr, Aston Barrett, John Entwistle, Joe Gittleman, Ron Carter, Paul Chambers, James Jamerson, Jimmy Garrison, Larry Gales, Stevie Wonder, Bootsy Collins, Lenny Kravitz, Wilton Felder, Jimbo Wallace, John Taylor, Simon Gallup, Robert Smith, Kim Deal, Janek Gwildala, Juan Alderete, Tim Lefebvre, Malcolm Young (I know, not bass, but very influential to me), etc, etc, etc...


    Ampeg club #989; PBBBC #28; 3leaf club #120; S.A.S.S. #168; Bassists with Beards #229

    For sale: West Coast Pedal Board
    Fuzzes and octavers for sale here!
    PSU for sale