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    Home page:
    Current Setup:
    -Ibanez Mikro Bass GSRM20 (Warmoth 28 5/8 as backup)
    -At the moment I use my EHX LPB-2ube into my soundcard or going through the mic channel of some old living room organ
    -EHX Blackfinger
    -MXR 10 Band EQ
    -Boss LS-2
    -Boss FV-50H
    -Boss MT-2
    -EHX Tube Zipper (used as fuzz)

    Black Finger> MXR 10 Band EQ> LS-2 (bypass)> FV-50H> MT-2> LS-2 (loop A mix at 12 o'clock)> Tube Zipper> Small Stone Nano> LS-2 (loop B clean mix at 12 o'clock )

    Not in use:
    -Aria Pro II (can't remember the model)
    Favorite Genres:
    experimental music of all kinds, folk
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    ...And for such a long time (lo-fi/psychedelic/experimental/folk), and in the past I played in a great band called Menfolk (hardcore/math/noise rock) and Janosch (lo-fi pop)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    -Dynacord Bass-King
    -Ampeg B15
    -Hartke Kickback 15
    -Jerry Jones Longhorn
    -Ampeg Dan Armstrong
    -Rickenbacker 4003
    -Behringer VM-1
    -EHX Deluxe Memory Man
    -EHX Cathedral
    -EHX The Wiggler
    -Boss ME-20B
    -Boss GEB-7
    -Z.vex Woolly Mammoth
    -Ibanez FZ7
    -Marshall Blues Breaker
    -Line6 M5
    -Some old crappy Zoom guitar multi effect
    G.A.S. List:
    -A good sounding bass OD
    -Some sort of fairly good sounding amp, properly a hybrid.
    -New pickups for my Mikro
    -A Bass VI of some sort, preferably a modded Mikro
    Influences and Teachers:
    Kim Gordon, Trevor Dunn, Lou Barlow, J. Mascis, Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Music and art in general

    Janosch - Inhere Outhere (EP)

    Janosch - Holesong (Featuring on the compilation Danelectro)

    Menfolk - Double Date (Split single with The Unit)

    Menfolk - Are we enemies (Split EP with Barra Head)

    You won't find much of this on youtube but if you do a search for Janosch on, Menfolk on bandcamp, or use Spotify or similar you'll find it though.
    In Janosch I did bass, lead guitar, additional lyrics as well as some backing vocals and in Menfolk I played one of the two basses as well as constributed with some lyrics.

    And my latest project, a one man project, consisting of home recordings.

    ...and for such a long time - Spice up the strawberry jam with imaginary creatures from your own private hell

    Which can be found on bancdcamp.
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