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Jun 1, 2005
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Male, from Tasmania, Australia

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    Home Page:
    Tasmania, Australia
    Current Setup:
    Alleva-Coppolo EUT5,
    EBMM Stingray5,
    09 Warwick Streamer $$ 5,
    Fender RW 50's Precision,
    Fender '62 AVRI P.
    Fender Squier VM P5
    G&L ASAT,
    Warmoth 51P.
    '12 Ric 4003
    Squier VM TB tele bass,
    Squier Standard P.
    Ibanez AEB10 Acoustic/elec bass,
    Stentor II Acoustic Upright-Realist pup & Fishman Platinum+ Preamp.
    Palatino Moded EUB,
    Ampeg V4B RI
    Aguilar TH500.
    Mesa Walkabout Scout 12"
    Ampeg SVT810E
    Fender Bassman Neo 115
    Bergantino NV412,AE410
    EV TL115.
    Homemade sealed 4x10",
    EHX Bass Big Muff,
    EHX micro POG,
    Fender Tuner,
    Wilson Bass Q-WAH.
    Tech 21 VTBASS DLX,
    Boss FS-L, LS-2,
    Boss input selector(2-in, 1 out)
    Favorite Genres:
    Funk, Soul, Country(pre 1980), Punk, Art-punk, Pop, Blues, Classic Rock, Motown, Heavy Metal, Western Swing, Cajun, Zydeco, African elec.music, Jazz, Latin, classical, avant garde a clue..........etc
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    7-10 pce Funk/soul/RnB-"SUGARTRAIN" .
    Black Coffee - Jazz/Blues
    Atomic - rock
    RoadTrain - country
    Steel Rose - hard rock
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Bergantino NV610,NV215, AE212 AE112
    Traynor YBA200,
    Traynor YBA300,
    Fender Studio Bass amp.
    Ashdown LB-30
    EB Music Man Stingray 5,
    Epi Jack Casady Sig,
    Fender Reggie Hamilton Sig Jazz,
    Fender 74 Telecaster bass.
    Ric Cheyene 4004c
    Laland LOG P5,
    Warwick Corvette $$,
    Vase Bassman 120(1972-86), Ashdown Li'l Bastard LB-30, Fender Silverface Bassman 100 Head, JBL 115 cab.
    Modded Eminar 180w Tube thumper(6x6CA7's),
    Ampeg B2R,
    " SVT3pro,
    " SVTII,
    " V4BH,
    Ampeg SVT410HLF,
    Aguilar GS115,
    Aguilar GS112,
    HR115STD x2
    Fender Jazz '94.
    Fender American Series S1 Jazz '05,
    Epiphone Thunderbird,
    Epi. Explorer,
    Squier Anniversary Edition Precision 5 string,
    Ibanez silver series P.bass,
    1978 MIA Precision,
    1972 SAKAI EB-3 copy,
    Jay Turser JTB-401 '51 Precision copy,
    Fender 210PRO.
    Boss ODB-3,
    EHX Big Muff Pi-Russ. version.
    EHX Bass Micro Synth,
    Digitech BSW,
    EHX Bass Balls,
    Humphrey Audio Badder Bass Monkey,
    Aria ProII PJ,
    Aria Diamond Strat copy,
    Takamine E440 Acoustic
    Fender Telecaster '80.
    G.A.S. List:
    Fender '63 P
    Ampeg Club Member #34
    Bergantino Club member #
    E.B. Club member #10
    Jazz Bass club Member #40
    P-bass club mbr #581
    BONZA(Bassists of NZ & Aus) mbr #32
    Influences and Teachers:
    J.P.Jones,Bill Wyman. Tina Weymouth,Bootsy,Entwhistle,Larry Graham, Sly & Robbie, Tracey Pew,Queen, Killing Joke, Gang of Four...WIRE, Birthday Party, James Brown & his bassists, Joy Division, The Archies, Bauhaus, Sugarhill Gang & house band, De La Soul, LL COOL J, Kurtis Blow, Chic-Bernard Edwards, Micheal Jackson/Jackson 5, Parliament/Funkadelic, Led Zepellin, My Chemical Romance, Katie Melua, Diana Krall, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Mingus, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Jamerson & a LOTTA Motown, Stax, Muscle Shouls, Bebel Gilberto, Youssou nDour, Fela & Femi Kuti, Charlie Rich, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson & Miracles, The Impressions, Gap Band, Ohio Players, Rose Royce, Temptations, Supremes, Vandellas, Shangri-La's, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Richard Hell, Iggy Pop, Bowie, Donavan, T-REX, Gary Glitter(pre nasty man stuff :-/ ), The Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Slade, The Shirelles,Mama's & Papa's, Motley Cue, Van Halen, ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Joan Jett, Hamilton Bohannon, Willie Weeks, Freddie Washington, Bros.Johnston ................
    Hobbies and Interests:
    rugby league( a bit like your US football but without the padding & helmets, women, BASS!




    BONZA#32,Ampeg#34,EBMM#106,P-bass#581,Alleva-Coppolo, Rickenbacker Club #450, Bergantino#32, BIG cabs club#16, Black'n Maple #459