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Apr 8, 2014
Mar 2, 2004
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from Jawja

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Apr 8, 2014
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  • About

    Current Setup:
    '66 Fender P, Bluesman Vintage basses, SWR cabinets, GK amplifiers
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Motown, new country,
    Previously Owned Gear:
    L-1000 BABP Limited Edition, sunburst/alder/rosewood #8 neck
    L-1000 Tobacco burst, Mahogany/Ebony, 1980
    L-1000, natural/ebony 1980
    L-1000, tobaccoburst/mahogany/ebony 1980
    L-1000 tobaccoburst/mahogany/ebony 1980 (14th day of G&L production)
    L-1000 black/rosewood
    L-1000 trans/blue/maple
    L-1000 mahogany/maple
    L-1000 natural finish, maple body/maple fretboard
    L-1000 natural finish, mahogany body rosewood board, black crinkle and skunkstripe neck
    L-1500 cherryburst/quilted maple/binding/rosewood
    L-2000 BABP Limited Edition, blackburst/Ash/Ebony, no dot #8 neck
    L-2000E, tobaccoburst, mahogany, rosewood, smooth black hardware, 1982
    L-2000, natural/rosewood, 2001
    L-2000 tobacco burst/maple; mahogany body, 1984-ish
    L-2000 black
    L-2000, natural/maple 1984 (LeTigre)
    L-2000, natural mahogany/rosewood 1984
    L-2500, tobaccoburst, rosewood
    L-5000 sunburst/maple, flame maple neck, NOS
    L-5000 sunburst/rosewood w/ case
    L-5000 black/maple
    L-5500 Custom, amber/binding/maple
    SB-1 sunburst/maple/ custom wound Schaller pickups, 1985
    SB-1 black/maple 1986
    SB-1 black/maple
    SB-2 black/maple 1983 first gen SB-2 w/ twin small MFD’s
    SB-2 black/maple 1983
    SB-2 tobaccoburst/rosewood later style
    SB-2 Emerald green/rosewood
    SB-2 Vintage White/rosewood, tone mod 2003
    SB-2 Tribute, natural/maple
    JB-2, natural/rosewood
    JB-2, amber/rosewood
    El Toro white/maple
    El Toro trans/red maple neck 1984
    El Toro trans red/rosewood Rare “Passive Only” model
    Climax trans blue/ash, maple
    ASAT fretless

    P bass, alder/rosewood, stripped finish, 1966
    P bass, alder/sunburst/maple, A-neck, 1972
    P bass, alder/re-finned 3TSB, rosewood board, 1972
    P bass, black/maple, A neck, 1973
    P bass, ash/natural/maple B neck, 1974
    P bass, natural refin, B neck, 1976
    P bass, sunburst/rosewood, 2001
    P bass, black, 2001, J neck, 2002
    P bass, black/rosewood w/ ashtrays
    P bass, ash/natural/rosewood A neck, 1978. Pots- 032367, Duncan pickup, 0108#0693 neck heel
    P bass, Butterscotch/maple, 2007
    P bass, alder, sunburst/rosewood/tort, 2008
    P bass, alder, Oly White/maple, 2008
    J bass, sunburst/rosewood, 2001
    J bass deluxe, MIM, black/rosewood
    J bass, black/rosewood/covers J-retro pre-amp
    BG-32 acoustic
    Squier P bass, black/rosewood 1980’s
    Squier Bronco bass black/maple w/ G&L MFD pickup

    Ernie Ball/MusicMan:
    Stingray, cherryburst/rosewood
    Stingray, natural, maple, 2003
    Stingray Five, Egyptian Smoke/rosewood, five string
    Sterling, Silver Sparkle/rosewood 2010
    Sterling, cherryburst/rosewood
    Sterling, black/maple
    Sterling “Blue Pearl”/maple 1993
    Sterling HS black/maple
    Sterling, natural/maple 2008

    Lakland Skyline Hollowbody, burst finish
    Lakland Skyline “Duck Dunn” Special Edition, sunburst/maple, gold anodized pickguard
    Lakland Skyline “Jerry Scheff”, shoreline gold/rosewood
    Lakland Skyline “Bob Glaub” sunburst/rosewood w/skinny neck and Darkstar pickup
    Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones/ AC model
    Lakland 4-94 Trans white, birdseye maple ftretboard, Lakland pickups
    Lakland 4-94 Lake Placid Blue, rosewood, Barts
    Lakland 4-76 1 piece ash, natural, maple board, single Darkstar pickup in bridge position, 1 of 2 made
    Lakland US Bob Glaub Oly White, black pickguard, rosewood board, P and J Fralins, VVT
    Lakland US Joe Osborn, sunburst/rosewood, Fralins, VT/VT, #80 w/ Osborn autograph on rear of headstock
    Lakland US Decade, Lake Placid blue/rosewood, Darkstars
    Lakland US Bob Glaub, P/J, sunburst/rosewood, Lakland pickups
    Lakland Skyline Decade w/ Chisonics
    Lakland Skyline 44-02, natural/ash/maple. Korean. #06119687

    Zon Sonus 4/2, black/P bass size neck
    Zon Sonus Lightwave, J bass size neck
    Zon VB4 “Vinny” bass (#1), set neck
    Zon Sonus 4, trans red, J bass neck, 2 single coil Bartolini’s in typical J bass config.
    Zon Sonus 4/2, all black, J bass width neck
    Zon VB4 “Vinny” bass (#2) bolt on neck

    Bluesman Vintage El Dorado -'63 J type, CAR/rosewood, matching headstock.
    Bluesman Vintage DeVille - P/J type, black/rosewood.
    Sadowsky UV70-MB-Ash-4, black/maple/blocks, 2004
    Atkinson P bass, sunburst/rosewood, 1.5” neck, Fender ’62 RI pickup
    Epiphone Allen Woody “Rumblekat” semi-hollow, short scale
    Epiphone Les Paul bass, cherryburst/maple
    Ibanez 5 string, mahogany
    Ibanez 6 string mahogany
    Brian Moore 4 string, quilted maple top, binding
    Yamaha BB450, red/rosewood 1980’s
    Hondo P bass copy turquoise/maple/refinish natural *refinished in 2007, black, Fender vintage bridge, Bayou Cables wiring harness, Fender pickup, vintage Fender bridge ashtray
    Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass
    Hofner Icon 500/1
    Ashbory bass, black
    J. Reynolds P bass copy, blue/green, rosewood
    Hamer Cruise bass, 2-Tek bridge, sunburst/rosewood
    Franken P, Warmoth P bass body, rest Fender parts; Black/rosewood, ashtrays
    Fernandes “P” bass copy, black/rosewood
    Galveston P bass copy, sunburst/rosewood
    OLP five string, Elm body, maple veneer top, maple board.
    Vantage, 1980 VS600B “P” pickup


    F-100 black mahogany body/ebony board
    G-200 mahogany/ebony cloud plate
    G-200 mahogany/ebony cloud plate
    Broadcaster black/maple
    SC-2 black/maple (mustang body) hardtail
    SC-2 Black/maple, hardtail
    SC-3 Viking Blue/ebony, dual fulcrum tremolo
    SC-3 sunburst/maple, dual fulcrum teremelo
    Cavalier, white/ebony
    S-500 Fullerton red/maple
    S-500 1982, ash, natural, maple neck, black crinkle, expander switch added, trem
    Legacy Special, honeyburst/maple/gunoil
    ASAT Classic, trans white/maple/semi-hollow
    ASAT Special tobaccoburst/rosewood, binding
    Tribute Invader Gunmetal gray/rosewood, hardtail
    Tribute Invader sunburst/rosewood, hardtail

    Epiphone Strat copy; red/rosewood
    Dean EVO, quilt top, blue/rosewood
    Martin D1-R acoustic
    Ibanez GAX70, 2 humbucker, red/rosewood
    Fender Stratocaster, MIM, wine red, white pickguard, bridge humbucker, rosewood board
    Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fireburst, Burstbucker pickups

    Guitar amps:
    Gallien-Krueger 250ML
    Peavey Blazer 158
    Marshall small combo 20 watt?

    Fender Sidekick 60 watt
    Gallien-Krueger 400RB-III combo
    Acoustic B-100 combo
    Gallien-Krueger 800RB
    Gallien-Krueger 800RB
    SWR SM-400
    SWR Working Man 12 combo
    SWR 4x10 Goliath III cab
    SWR 1x15 Son of Bertha cab
    G.A.S. List:
    Whatcha got?
    Influences and Teachers:
    James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt, Sir Paul, John McVie, Mike Mills, Bill Leen, a host of others


    Bluesman Vintage Fanboy