Mar 22, 2004
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November 24
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Austin,TX- New York,NY
Musician / Bass Player / Producer
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    November 24
    Home Page:
    Austin,TX- New York,NY
    Musician / Bass Player / Producer
    Current Setup:

    Genz Benz Artist Page

    Fender TB 1200
    MESA M6
    GK MB Fusion 800
    Genz Benz Uber 115T-UB x 2
    Form Factor 210 Ceramic
    Xsonics 1155 TF
    Walkabout Scout 12 - LOVE THIS AMP
    Keeley BASSIST Limiter
    Keeley Compressor Pro
    Dark Glass Vintage Mictotubes
    Westone ES2 Custom IEM
    Peterson Strobostomp 2
    Peterson Classic Pedal
    EMG P pups
    Stellartone Tone pot

    Alleva Coppolo KBP- 4 Sonic Blue (Poudah Bass)
    Alleva Coppolo KBP-5 Black
    Alleva Coppolo KBP-5 Custom Sparkle
    Alleva Coppolo LG-5 Custom Supreme - Goldilox
    Alleva Coppolo LG-5 Custom 2015
    Alleva Coppolo LG-5 Custom Prototype
    Alleva Coppolo LG-5 Classic Supreme -Oly White
    Alleva Coppolo LG-4 Fret-less
    Fender RW Jazz Bass -Sunburst
    Fender RW P-Bass -Sunburst
    Fender AM Std Jazz Bass
    Sadowsky NYC Modern 24 fret
    1965 Fender Jazz LPB
    1984 Yamaha BB3000s
    1977 Musicman Stingray
    1972 Fender Jazz

    Other Stuff:

    Ampeg SVT 2 non-pro 1989
    Ampeg SVT 3 non-pro
    Bag End S-12
    Alembic F2B circa 1976
    Tech21 Sansamp VT Bass
    Darkglass VMT
    MXR M 80+
    Bass Pod Pro XT
    Fender TB1200 as power amp
    Big Muff Pi Bass
    Boss OC2
    TC Chorus
    EBS Multi Comp
    Assorted Compressors

    tons of toys but favs are

    Erikson-Montessi Mic Preamp
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Debbie Gibson (Deborah Gibson) , Ameircan Idol Casey James, Derek St. Holmes ( Ted Nugent, Brad Whitford) , Producer - Roger Nichols ( Steely Dan fame ), George Lynch (Dokken), Redd Volkaert (guitar virtuoso Grammy winner ), Otis Taylor,The Wonder Years -TV show, Producer- Richard Gottehrer,American Tears,The Good Rats, Bruce Kulick ,Jellybean Benitez ,Fred Norris (Howard Stern Show),Producer- Fred Zarr -Tina Turner ,Drummer Clinician -Don Famularo, Drummer Steve Hass -Manhattan Transfer ,Charlie Pride,Guitarist- Buddy Whittington ,Guthrie Kennard, Big Wampum, Point Blank - yup the song Oh Nicole, many others. | I volunteer for Dog Rescue | On Wiki , Live TV, Radio, HBO, Live American Music Awards and multiple prime time TV broadcasts,
    Previously Owned Gear:

    Carvin B1500 mono block
    Eden WT800C
    Mesa M-Pulse 600
    MESA Mpulse 600 v.2
    Ashdown ABM 500 EVOll
    Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0
    Genz Benz Shuttle MAX12
    Ampeg SVT 3-pro
    Ampeg SVT 1969... ooops.. cant believe I sold it.
    Acoustic 370 cab
    Bag End D215B-D Custom
    Bag End D212B-D
    Ashley Pre
    Yamaha PB1
    Crown PSA 2
    BGW 750B
    Tech21 Sansamp Para Driver
    Crown DC300a
    Genz Benz Uber Quad 1288 x 2
    Genz Benz Neox112T X 2
    SVT 8x10 Square x 2 - wish I still had one of them.
    Audio Fabricators 2x18 JBL Scoop - Custom
    Thunderfunk TFB550-B
    Fender Showman
    Kustom 200 + 2x15
    Music Man 2x12 cab
    Trace Elliot Bass Pre
    Ampeg 4x10 Classic x 2
    SWR 4x10 1980s
    Leslie 147
    Altec A7s
    Eden 2x10T
    Bag End S15B-D
    Sansamp BDDI
    Aguilar GS-112 - x 4
    Carvin DCM1500

    Spector NS-5 Serial #004
    Travis Bean - Wedge
    Yamaha TRB5
    Alembic Series 1
    Sadowsky NYC black on Black Matching Headstock PJ-5
    Sadowsky 1994 24 Modern
    Sadowsky CAR NYC PJ5
    Sadowsky NYC JJ 4 1988
    Tobias Killer B 5
    Tobias Signature 5
    Guild Pilot 5
    Yamaha BB5000
    Yamaha BB 5000 Mk2
    Fender Mustang Bass
    1964-65 ? - L series Fender Jazz bass - Lake Placid Blue L97092 -Stolen
    Steinberger L2 original
    Kubicki X factor
    Peavey TL-5
    Kramer Aluminum Neck bass 1976
    Travis Bean Bass
    Gibson Ripper
    Gibson EB3
    Alembic Series II
    Pedulla Signature 5
    Pedulla Deluxe 5
    Pedulla Series II 5
    Pedulla Buzzbass 4
    G.A.S. List:
    Good physical health for myself and my family ... dogs included ....for a long time.. But i wouldn't mind an old Spector NS2.
    Endorsing Artist: Alleva-Coppolo|REDDI|Mesa WA | Westone |EMG
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction


    Alleva~Coppolo Club #1| MESA |REDDI | Westone | EMG | DR
    I Am The Thread Killer Coo coo ca choo

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