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Aug 2, 1964 (Age: 50)
Maryland Suburbs

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Male, 50, from Maryland Suburbs

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Liquidating collection - hit me up if you see anything you like. Jun 23, 2014

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      Liquidating collection - hit me up if you see anything you like.
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    Aug 2, 1964 (Age: 50)
    Maryland Suburbs
    Current Setup:
    Current Bass Guitars
    1961 Hofner Cavern Bass
    1971 Hofner Beatle Bass
    1975 Fender Precision Fretless
    1977 Fender Jazz W/ Audere JZ3 Pre
    1979 Music Man Stingray
    1980 Spector NS2 Brooklyn
    1980 Spector NS2 Brooklyn
    1983 Steinberger L2
    1985 Mouradian CS-74
    1988 Warwick Bubinga Thumb
    1990 ZON Sonus Custom
    1990 White Warwick Thumb Custom Shop Prototype stage II with RED side LEDs
    1992 Washburn AB20 Acoustic
    1994 Greg Curbow Exotic Petite 5-String
    1995 Greg Curbow Exotic Petite 4-String
    1996 Greg Curbow X33 5 String
    1995 Tung Bass #2 (Wing Bass 5)
    1998 Warrior Custom 6 string
    1998 Wal MKII (RED) the red "Geddy Lee"
    2000 Greg Curbow Dinky Jazz
    2002 Lakland "Jerry Scheff" Skyline 4
    2005 Ritter Roya
    2006 Electrical Guitar Co T6061 Aluminum 8 String
    2007 USA Lakland 44-94 w/ Chisonics (built for Ed Friedland)
    2007 Taylor T5 Acoustic Electric Hybrid
    2008 Nash-63 Fender Jazz stacked knobs
    2008 Lakland Decade DPLE III w/Chisonics
    2009 Status PreSpecial - John East Pre
    2009 Rickenbacker 4001 C64S Maple Glow
    2011 Doug Rowell YellowSub#2

    Amplification and other Gear

    Mesa 400+
    Ampeg SVT-VR
    Markbass LM2
    Trace Elliot V6
    Vox T100 w/ Trolley
    Peavey Megabass
    Peavey Mark IV
    Bergantino NV610
    Ampeg 8X10
    Ampeg 6X10
    Mesa Road ready
    JBL 18 Subs
    Previously Owned Gear:
    A few tidbits, BC RICH Mockingbird, Tuxedo Ric 4003, Aria Pro, Steinberger (L2, stolen) Spector NS2 Brooklyn (Red -Stolen) Hamer 12ver 1989 Pedulla MVP, 1996 Alembic "Mark King" Signature, 1999 Wal MK 1 (RED) Poly 2011 Rickenbacker 4003 MB, 2005 G&L L2000 Custom; 2006 Ampeg SVT 4 Pro,2005 Status S2 -5, 1990 Wal MK 1 (Black) the black "Geddy Lee" 1996 Yamaha TRB6 string - 2008 Status MK Retroglide-Bendwell, Front&Side LED,1979 Music Man Sabre,1997 Fender Precision Deluxe (USA) -2006 Fender Jazz Aerodyne (Japan) 2009 USA Lakland Jerry Scheff Signature 4, Eden Cabs 2X10 * ohm, 4X10 4 ohm.
    G.A.S. List:
    Done gone broke saving $
    Influences and Teachers:
    Billy, Paul, Jaco, Jeff, Geddy, JPJ, Mark King, John Wetton, The "OX", Stanley
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Exotic Cars/ Custom Bikes


    "If there's a WILL, I wanna be in it!"