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SOLD 1989 USA Peavey Foundation w/ Super Ferrites

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by invalidprotocol, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. Relisted as FS only. No longer fielding trades.

    This is a 1989 USA Peavey Foundation with Super Ferrites. Finished in what I believe to be Sunfire Red. The gentleman I picked it up from claimed to be the original owner, which I have no reason to disbelieve. This bass has clearly seen very little use and contains some fun case candy which I believe substantiates that. His use was primarily in a church and music circle jam environment but hadn't used it in a number of years. It is apparent that it was kept in its case indoors and detuned. Overall it is super clean! Tons of details below, including images and sound samples.

    [DEL]$325[/DEL] $299 shipped CONUS.

    She weighs in at what I will call 9.8lbs. Weighed using the me with/me without method on my household scale multiple times. It actually read 9.6lbs multiple times but I'm going to call it 9.8lbs to be safe.

    Finished in what I believe to be Sunfire Metallic Red but I have no other personal reference other than this bass. It looks like the color of any photos I've seen of Sunfire Metallic Red but also has similar pearlessent qualities to the pearl pink (at least that I can tell from reference photos). Here is what I can tell you for certain… the metal flake is so small it is almost like liquid metal. What is a deeper red, reflects lighter red orange or red pink in bright lighting when viewed at the right angle. That may simply be the metallic paint though. There is light buckle rash and a couple nicks and bruises. The worst is a chip that has gone through the paint to what looks like a whitewashed undercoat.

    All hardware is super clean and looks nearly new. No rust or corrosion that I can find. Adjustment screws move freely. Tuners operate perfectly. I will not be including the strap locks, I still need these. No worries I'll reinstall the originals. Screw size and threading was basically the same.

    Straight neck. Smooth fret edges and what appears to be lightly rolled edges. VERY light fret wear primarily in 1st position. I never polished the frets after taking ownership of it. Back of neck very nice with no nicks that I can find. There is one flaw which is clearly an issue that occurred at the factory. The neck doesn't sit tight all the way around the pocket. There is a slight gap on the long side and at the base. I have pulled it into position and retightened the neck. I brought it over as far as possible while remaining stable and secure. I will show the neck pocket gap in forthcoming photos. The truss rod moves freely and the adjustment nut is still shiny.

    It is set up with DR Sunbeams 45-105. Relief is currently set to .010" measured at the 8th fret. Action measured at the 17th fret is E=6/64", A=6/64", D=5/64", G=4/64". I'm not getting fret buzz finger style, but do when playing with a pick. I am encountering clank finger style but partly due to the fact that they relief settled in from .013" to .010". I just haven't adjusted it back yet. At .013" it seemed just right for me with the looser Sunbeams and my heavy handedness.

    Pickup surfaces still look very good with very little wear on the neck pickup. All electronics work and the Super Ferrite pickups sound stellar as always. The neck volume pot is just a slight bit scratchy and needs to be blasted with cleaner. The rubber grip rings on the knobs are still pliable and grippy.

    The bass includes a Peavey pointy logo hard case. There are some scuffs and scratches but no major damage of any kind. All latches are in good shape. Interior is still fluffy but has the light smell of potpourri. The original owner apparently kept their house very scented.

    This bass feels nice in the hands and plays great. Similar feel to a Fender jazz neck. It sounds terrific like any other super ferrite based Peavey. Aggressive jazz bass tones and a pretty darn good precision tone when you roll off the bridge.



    DETAILED PHOTOS! These show increased detail including those not visible well in standard lighting to reveal blemishes. Some also show nice effect that occurs when bright light hits it. Links to photos only because they are hi-res.

    Whole Bass in Case
    Back of Body
    Front of Body
    Lower body scratch
    Scratch on back
    Buckle Rash
    Lower bout blem
    Body side chip
    Upper horn blem
    Paint anomaly
    Neck pocket gap
    Headstock blem
    Neck pocket paint wear
    Fret Wear
    Back of Headstock
    Headstock edge finish crack

    BONUS PHOTOS! These are from a merchandise pamphlet that comes with the bass. 80's big hair and mullets!

    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Page 5
    Page 6
    Page 7

    I have recorded some simple sound samples… slop and error included. Attack is all over the place and I didn't use any metronome. No hate please! ;) All samples are recorded direct to interface, no eq or effects. Tone dimed on all samples. The DR Sunbeams it is strung up with are just about dead in my book so any sizzle and pepper is gone, but still good enough to illustrate sounds.

    Pick Sample
    Starts neck and bridge full. Rolls off bridge to 8, 5 then 0. Repeats neck and bridge at full again. Then rolls off neck to 8, 5 and 0. Sorry the input gain was a little high.

    Harmonics Sample
    Starts neck and bridge at full. Neck 10/bridge 5. Neck 5/bridge 10.

    Groove Sample
    Starts neck and bridge full. Neck 10/bridge 5. Neck 5/bridge 10.

    Hand Position Sample
    Each sample played in 3 hand positions, first over bridge pu, then between, then over neck pu.
    Starts neck and bridge full. Rolls off bridge to 8, 5 then 0. Repeats neck and bridge at full again. Rolls off neck to 8, 5 then 0.
  2. Don't miss out on such a well preserved Foundation!
  3. Joe Kyle

    Joe Kyle

    Oct 18, 2008
    I know you've changed your mind on trades, but if you'd be interested in an EHX POG2, let me know!

  4. No interest in trades but thanks for the inquiry. I just purchased new gear and need to part with this bass to offset the expense.
  5. Still available! Friday bump!
  6. Bump and final price drop! And yes I did the $x99 thing because it looks mo' perdy. Shipped CONUS only.
  7. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    Wow, this old Foundation is clean! If it were a Fender it would be $2K!
  8. Thank you Dr. I agree! This is a super opportunity here!
  9. Joe Kyle

    Joe Kyle

    Oct 18, 2008
    I'm finding myself seriously wanting this bass. Let me see if I can scrounge up some cash. Lets chat via PM?
  10. All serious opportunities are entertained. Shoot me a PM.
  11. Just slapped on a new set of DR Low Rider nickels 40-100. Lots of snap and growl now!
  12. BillyRay


    Jan 20, 2008
    'Tis a buyer's market, 299 shipped for a mint American Foundation and it's still here ?
  13. Absolutely love this bass with the low rider nickel strings. It just came alive! Thanks fellow TBers for not buying it! :)

    Closing thread and no longer for sale.

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