'50s Road Worn P neck vs Warmoth Telebass neck?

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  1. Just picked up a RW P expecting a baseball bat neck as these are supposed to be similar or same as Classic '50s, but it feels more like a J neck. I need to measure and verify the nut. I haven't tried the Classic so I'm not sure how to compare, but as people described them as bats, I figured they'd be similar to my Warmoth wide nut Telebass neck. My main player has been a Warwick Stage I 5 broadneck which I just sold. For those with RW Ps, how would you describe the neck? Baseball bat like, or more similar to a J bass neck?
  2. A Classic 50's P neck is NOT a J neck! lol.

    It's about the same thickness front to back as a P, maybe slightly thicker, but the width of the nut is wider than a P!

    I miss my Classic 50's neck. Gonna try to find another in the relatively near future.
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    Dec 15, 2004
    I can't speak for the Classic P but i do know that the RW P is only wider at the nut than a regular P. 1.75" or something like that. It isn't thick front to back and pretty comfy so not a baseball bat neck. Both the Classic and RW P necks should be similar profile and definitely not extremely tapered towards the nut like a J neck.

    If you are used to 5-strings and wider necks at that, the RW P neck should feel very natural and not wide at the nut at all. This is my personal experience.
  4. Yeah, the RW and Classic necks are the same, save for the finish. I love them! And the low profile frets are awesome!
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    Yes I would say not a baseball bat. Wide at nut,thin front to back. And not like a jazz.
  7. darrenmt


    Dec 15, 2004

    +1 Thin vintage frets ftw :)
  8. Lowbrow

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    I own both RW and 50s Precisions and have carefully compared necks. Now, these come from different years of production (RW='09; 50s = '12), which may be a factor.

    Verdict: very similar; both 1.75 and pretty flat and shallow front-to-back at the nut, both with vintage-style mini frets.

    WHERE it starts to differ is between the 5th and 7th frets, where the 50s takes a turn for the thicker at the EDGES of the neck (the top of the "C") sooner than the RW does.

    In other words, the RW widens a bit more gradually in a very limited area of the neck. Barely noticable unless you've handled one or the other for a long time (I've had the RW for 2 years, just got the 50s).

    Note that the front-to-back thickness does not differ, just in that area around where the thumb knuckle is if you are a monkey-gripper like me :)

    In other senses nearly identical with a slightly different taper gradation. Both the RW and 50s neck end up identical by about the 8th-9th fret.

  9. Thanks everyone for your responses. I did finally measure and it is a standard P neck. I think it's just me, as my main player was a Warwick Streamer Stage I 5 broadneck which I just sold.

    Still have my Squier Dlx J 5 and a homebrew telejazz using a Warmoth telebass neck which my big fat hands love. It's just going to take me awhile to get comfortable with a "standard" P neck ...
  10. BTW, nice collection Lowbrow!
  11. Check out the Fender Cabronita bass neck. You want a baseball bat? That's thing is FAT!
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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Yes, rounder (I've got the Squier Cab) but not wider side-to-side at the nut than a standard P.

    Now for something very interesting, the Squier VM Telebass neck (got one of those, too!) is medium scale and wider at the nut (1.7) than the modern P (1.65). This is a pretty neat option that combines vintage-approaching girth with shorter scale. Nice-playing bass, too, but I sadly do not really like the single-coil pbass pickup as much at a split-coil P, or the Cab Fidelitron for that matter.
  13. Lowbrow

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Thanks, Ted.