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Ampeg SVT3 Pro or SVT7 Pro or just none

Discussion in 'Amps [BG]' started by BlazingRiCO, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. BlazingRiCO


    Aug 6, 2011
    Hi TB-ers,

    I would like to have some advice on the following cause I can't seem to make a decision and needs to be quite fast.

    Here it goes: I have the opportunity to buy a used SVT3 Pro which has been fully checked and approved okay for 700 euros and which has wattage that matches both my cabs (410HLF and 210HE) or buy a new SVT7 Pro for 789 euros (which has double the wattage) ?

    Or should I just save money for a full tube amp ?
  2. Floyd Eye

    Floyd Eye Banned

    Feb 21, 2010
    St. Louis
    Out of those two, I think I would opt for the 7.

    Or you could hold out for a 4Pro or a CL.
  3. f.c.geil


    May 12, 2011
    I'd go for the 7Pro. The 3Pro is a great head, and is more than loud enough, but it doesn't have the traditional Ampeg sound. The 7Pro does.
  4. Big John66

    Big John66

    Feb 12, 2008
    I tried the 3-pro out for a gig, then tried the 7-pro for a gig. I kept the 7-pro and have been super happy with it since. Nothing against the 3-pro, but the difference was huge. JMHO, YMMV and all that other stuff.
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  6. Ferdugan


    Jun 30, 2012
    I completely agree. I used an svt 3 with an ampeg 410 at our last show, and honestly, I felt like I had to keep walking over to bump the volume knob up. It just felt like it was lacking something, which sounds crazy talking about an ampeg head. Now, I've never tried the 7, but I hear better things about it than I do the svt3...
  7. Jim C

    Jim C Spector#496:More curves than Sophia + better sound Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    I had a 3-Pro
    It was in the shop twice for clean up of bad solder traces.
    I really wanted to like that amp but am glad it's gone.
    I've had many Ampeg tube amps and 1 transistor Ampeg that were all much better IMO.

    7Pro sounds good but some say has a reliability issue
  8. f.c.geil


    May 12, 2011
    Those reliability issues were largely gone with the Rev. C00, and supposedly are completely gone with the Rev. D00 7PRO.
  9. bassfreakah


    Mar 26, 2011
    Endorsing Artist Ernie ball strings
    I think you could not go wrong either way. they are both great amps.
  10. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    Wow no luv for the 3pro?.....I played one for over 10 years and only needed a bias, (SLM era). To me the 3 pro was a fantastic compromise to my CL. The 3 pro is a great hybrid with 3 pre amp tubes and 2 driver tubes. To me it had tons of warm tube goodness. As for the lack of volume some complain of, you really need to run the gain high with the 3 pro. It took me some time to understand the features the 3 pro has to offer but once you unlock them it's a great amp. If your looking for the Ampeg tone it's definitely in there. As for the 7 pro I have yet to play one, but I would imagine that a single pre amp tube does very little for the tone, (correct me if I am wrong). Either way I think both are winners. Good luck!
  11. Thundar

    Thundar Supporting Member

    You're wrong ;)
    I was once like you...didn't think the single preamp tube could bring the tone. Then I bought one :bassist:
  12. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    ^^LOL....I stand corrected sir!
  13. monkeybass68

    monkeybass68 Supporting Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Wantagh, NY
    I was looking at both of them last year & opted for the SVT 3. In the end I opted for the flexibility of tone that the 9 band graphic EQ gave me over the extra power that the 7 has. I've rarely been in a situation which I've found the 450 watts to not be powerful enough (& I play with 2 loud guitarists & a drummer that hits incredibly hard).
  14. Ferdugan


    Jun 30, 2012
    I'll remember that the next time I plug into it :) I didn't have much time to fiddle with it the night I used it.
  15. f.c.geil


    May 12, 2011
    I liked my 3Pro, loved my IIIPro, they just aren't the classic Ampeg sound.
  16. lokikallas


    Aug 15, 2010
    los angeles
    7, period. The 7 does every thing the 3 does better, and weighs half as much. I don't miss the graphic EQ and I do enjoy the on board compressor of the 7.
  17. lokikallas


    Aug 15, 2010
    los angeles
    Very wrong. They managed to get the 1 tube to do more than the 3 tubes in the 3.
  18. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    ^^ The 3 pro has 5 tubes.....3 pre-amp and 2-drivers. It seems as though I might have to give the 7 a whirl...lots of luv on this site for it!
  19. BlazingRiCO


    Aug 6, 2011
    Well if I check all these replies here then I think my choice is made. Now only to find a shop where I can A/B both amps. But 1st choice goes definately to the 7.
  20. joelb79

    joelb79 Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    Make sure you put the graphic EQ volume on max and turn on the graphic EQ on the 3-pro when you A/B them. Even if the EQ is flat, it's the only way to get the power amp up to max power. I loved my 3-pro and miss the power and clarity vs my PF-500; which sounds rather one dimensional. the 7-Pro has the same EQ as the PF-500 but adds the preamp tube. The 3-pro has 5 tubes in specific places that can be driven in variously different ways. It's like having a configurable Tube head. You can have an uber-clean preamp sound feeding a tube-sagged power output. Or you can have uber clean preamp and uber clean power driven by a graphic EQ clean boost. Or you can have a distorted preamp feeding a cleaner sounding tube power amp with the graphic eq volume making up the difference for full volume.

    For those saying the 3-pro are not the Ampeg sound; I disagree. It's there, but there is a whole lot more possibility with your tone given the controls. I thought the 3-pro was just as loud as an SVT Head, especially when paired with the same 810. The 3-Pro also doesn't need to be found with a certain board revision to make sure that it doesn't cut out live; FWIW.
  21. f.c.geil


    May 12, 2011
    The graphic EQ is after all tubes in the signal chain, is strictly solid state, and IMHO should never be maxed out.