Anyone using an ID theft company?

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  1. Just received a phishing telephone call, I was caught waking up from a nap and the question that I answered seemed harmless enough at the time, they asked what I pay in rent. However, after thinking about the call where the person claimed to be representing a real estate company I tried to *69 them and the recorded response said the number was no longer in service!

    Looking at some websites such as Lifelock, Identity Force, Identity Guard, etc. A lot of the companies have a stated 1 million dollar insurance guarantee, sounds good, but I have no idea if these companies really come through.
  2. Those ID theft protection companies make me wary. If they're holding a database with all of their customers information in it, what's to stop them from getting hacked? Seems to me like you're just adding one additional place for potential hackers to scam you from, and paying for it. ymmv, I suppose.
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    Dec 7, 2011
    Someone stole my wife's credit card, but I did not report it because they are spending way less money than she was.
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    I use I got in on the free offering from Target a couple months ago. I won't renew when it expires though.

    It is interesting. I got a couple alerts already.

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  6. What did the alerts inform you of?
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    Jan 8, 2013
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    I have been using lifelock for a few years now. I am very happy with them.
  8. MJ5150

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Lacey, WA
    A change to my FICO score. Below is what the alert said in the e-mail. I didn't paste it all, but it ended with info on how to contact them if I thought the change was fraudulent. In my case, neither time it was.

    ProtectMyID(TM) has detected signs that your identity could be at risk. As soon as possible, please log in to your Protection Center to review your Surveillance Alert(TM).

    This Alert indicates that new information such as a new inquiry, public record, collections notice, etc, has been posted to your Experian credit report. Knowing about changes to your credit report is the first step in identifying fraud.