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  1. I googled this a few times but I couldn't get a good answer.

    I suck at using most software (I hate anything nonintuitive).

    I record my bands new songs on my Tascam DP004. It is an amazing tool for catching ideas and the sound quality is impressive.

    To give it to my band to list to and practice with I have to convert the Tascam tracks into wav files and then I drag and drop them into Audacity. To add some clarity and depth I like to adjust volume and I pan guitar 1 left, guitar 2 right, and bass and drums down the middle.

    It is rudimentary mixing and it is not meant for public consumption but I think it helps everyone hear everything better. The last time I tried to do this the individual tracks were missing the level and pan controls. Nothing I could do would bring them back.

    I had some major volume issues with my last recordings (guitar 2 was way too quiet) so I had to download Reaper. I know it is a much better program but I enjoy the layout and simplicity of Audacity.

    Does my issue make sense to anyone. Is it possible I accidently turn this feature off? Anyone know how to turn it back on again?

    I'm sure Audacity has a forum but I don't use it that often to warrant joining another site.
  2. Can you take a screen cap and post a picture?
  3. I didn't save the project but when it happens again I'll make sure to take a screen grab and post it here.
  4. So does that mean your pan and volume mixers are back now?
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  6. No. I only do this once every couple of weeks. This happened Tuesday night. I'll try it again the next time we record our practice.

  7. BWB


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    And where would that forum be, assuming it exists?
  8. ejmy


    Nov 30, 2008
    Uninstall and reinstall Audacity, they may show up again,

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