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Audition Time...

Discussion in 'Jazz Technique [DB]' started by bkberwanger, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. bkberwanger


    Jul 6, 2012
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    I am auditioning for 2 local colleges in January. I am majoring in Music Education with a focus on Jazz Studies.

    I would like to get some feedback on other's experiences with music school.

    How & what did you do to prepare for your audition? How did it compare with the reality of it?

    If you were accepted; what has been the most challenging aspect(s) of school?

    If you graduated; how has your degree benefited you?

    Any and all advice is welcomed.

  2. bskts247


    Aug 16, 2011
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    I'm about to start my 4th semester as a Jazz Studies student. Quick overview of my audition process:

    Get all your grades and non music stuff together and apply to the school accidemically

    Decide what tunes you are going to audition on. Be able to do everything on them (play the melody, walk/play a bass line and solo)

    You really have to have all these tunes under your belt and practice them a ton. I think in the last few weeks I practiced each tune at least an hour a day (3 tunes, 3 hours etc).

    My audition was really relaxed. Try not to be nervous and dont expect them to run the audition. Try to prepare what youre going to do before you get there. Heres what I did:

    I walked into the room with my bass all tuned up and prepared to plug into an amp
    Asked everyone how they were doing and how the day was going
    Put my stuff down and handed the other musicians (piano and drums) their music
    Talked to the musicians as well as the faculty auditioning me about what I was going to do with the songs (the form and what songs they were) and what order (have the order ready but be prepared for them to ask "oh can you play your ballad first?")
    Asked if it was ok to start and play

    best thing to do is be relaxed. They aren't as stressful as you think they will be in your head. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  3. flowinowen


    Jun 9, 2010
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    My two cents:

    I auditioned at a school in North Carolina for performance on electric but ended up playing upright. I had never played upright before college. I had two tunes prepared, Vic Wooten's "The Vision" and "Classical Thump" both had my own endings/twists/Victor Wooten's playing circles around me in his sleep stuff. I had known those for a few years by that point, it just took some relearning. They listened to one song, had me sight read a line, and talked some music with me. SUPER laid back stuff.

    As for my Grad school auditions: I prepared for weeks. I had three tunes ready. Jaco's Continuum, a Pablo Casals tune (Song for the Birds I think was the name), and I transcribed out NHOP's solo on Sometime Ago. This is NOT standard repertoire btw. They didn't have me audition!! This degree is for Music Ed w concentration in Jazz Studies. They asked many more questions about my Ed theories, likes dislikes, etc.

    As far as the degrees, I'm glad I have them for the technical side of things. Jazz can get pretty formulaic, just keep trying to find ways to have fun with it. I've been playing along with my Jackson 5 greatest hits album I got for Christmas. Hope this helps! PM me if you have further Ed/jazz studies questions

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