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    I have a bunch of books that I have collected since I started playing bass that I definitely don't use anymore. Here is the list.

    50 Modal Slap Bass Workouts: MelBay

    Don Peer's Bass Harmonics: Bass Masters

    Classical Masterpieces for Bass: MelBay

    Tapping Technique for Bass Guitar:Stephan Richter

    Electric Bass Method -1: MelBay (great book to help you learn how to read music on your own)

    The Complete Electric Bass Method - Intermediate: Dave Overthrow

    The Complete Electric Bass Method - Mastering: Dave Overthrow

    I'm looking to just get rid of them. Just shoot me message of a price that you think is reasonable. Ideally the cost of material and shipping would be all I'd want to sell these for. Most come with the CD's that they came with when I bought them years ago. The books are in pretty good shape too.
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    Bump for great deals!
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    All is sold and shipped. Closed.
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