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  1. Money is tight but I have 100€ to spend on a bass related birthday present/presents.
    Any ideas welcome
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    Sep 30, 2012
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    That's a really hard question to answer without knowing more about who you're buying for. Gear is so personal that I can't think of much I'd buy for any bass player.

    Pretty sure that's why nobody else answered your post.

    I originally thought that maybe a nice wide leather strap like a Levy would be a good recommendation. Useful, practical, affordable.

    Sorry couldn't be more help
  3. el murdoque

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    Mar 10, 2013
    I know this problem. I'm in a similar situation. Got two vouchers at €50 each for a big shop. The first thought was to simply get two sets of new elixir strings - always helpful. But i'll buy strings when i need them no matter what, and these are gift vouchers so i need to get something i normally would not buy. One hundred is not enough for a U-Bass and any pedal i'd look at is a lot more expensive as well.

    So, something nice, luxury and useful:
    -A set of Lava or George L Cables if the player is using a pedalboard.
    -A supernice Strap, wide, leathery, cushioned (with security locks if normal pins are used)
    -A Luxury Softcase Gigbag
  4. Hi, the present is for me:)-))
    I really can't afford to spend any money at the moment but.....

    I have pedals covered really, (mostly mxr) don't need cables, sorted for straps.
    So was just looking for something cheap and cool.
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  6. New case for my Old Epi Les Paul bass could be a great idea!

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