Can I use a SPDT Mini-Toggle as a pickup selector for an EMG P/J setup?

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  1. Just checking... can I use a mini-toggle as a pickup selector, specifically with EMG P/J? I'm hoping to reduce the total number of knobs on the bass I'm designing, that's why I'm trying to avoid Vol/Vol or Vol/Blend. I expect to have it in the P-only position most of the time anyway.
  2. Alexio58


    Nov 16, 2013
    Yes, you can achieve this by installing a mini 3 way DPDT switch and using only one half of it. Then use the switch connector that is included in the package and follow the instalation instructions, only leave the ground wire disconnected, mini switches don't need grounding.
  3. It is possible, but you would need a center-on switch, and those are a bit rare. The usual method is to use a DPDT On/On/On switch.

    No, you need both poles, unless you have a center-on switch. DPDT On/On/On switches are intended to be externally jumpered to SP3T switching patterns, so the middle position connects one common to a normally open throw, and the other common to a normally closed throw. If you join the commons, then you can have one pickup, both, or the other.
  4. Hmm, I thought I was getting it and even made a diagram but now I'm not sure. Is this the right idea?

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  6. Close. The P pickup should go to the terminal to the right of what is shown, and the J pickup should go to the terminal to the left of what is shown.
  7. :p That gave me an actual chuckle. Ok, so I did understand. Thanks!

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