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SOLD Cherry Red MTD Heir 5 Modded/upgraded

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassguyky48, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Price Drop:::: [DEL]$775 shipped as of Wed. Feb. [/DEL]1
    $750 shipped!!!

    $700 shipped---You might find one a little cheaper, but it won't have what this one has, and it prob won't be in this condition, which is pretty much perfect.

    I have a beautiful 5 string Mtd Heir made in Korea for sale.

    A few specs and then a few of the upgrades.
    Ash body
    Red tiger-stripe cherry top
    Maple fretboard
    19 mm spacing
    24 frets, zero fret, Buzz F tuning.
    Weight about 9 1/2 lbs

    Nordstrand PU's J and MM.......no switch to split coils
    Gold Hardware
    Hipshot bridge
    Bart 3 band push/pull mids and push/pull active passive

    No dings, no scratches, no marks, etc. very close to mint......I can't see anything but I'm sure it must have some finger scuffs from handling and playing..you need really good eyes and a magnifying glass, but you prob would find something. Sorry for camera flashes in pix........these are not blemishes.

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  2. A couple of more pix

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  3. Bump........will try to add a few more pix later today.

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  4. Sale pending!! ON hold until Sat. Morning!!
  5. Back up.......haven't heard from buyer.

    2 new pix.......when switching to gold, the set I bought was a 3 and 2, so these pix show the back side.

    You can 't tell that one tuner is still part of the original set in looks from the front and it functions perfectly, but it is what it is........by the way, the first buyer knew about this from get-go.....and since I thought it was sold, I just had not uploaded these pix.

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  6. Bump for the REd and Gold!!
    I'll say again: Nordstrand IMHO is FAR superior to Lakland/Hanson or Bart's in this particular config.
  7. Tues Bump!! Any offers??
  8. Wed. Price Reduction!! You can buy this model a lot cheaper..........but most TB'ers are going to want to upgrade...........Nordstrand is not just a way to upgrade.........it is the best way. The Bart EQ functions PERFECT. Push/pull active-passive..........don't have to worry about a dead battery..........the push/pull mids gives you all the tone functions you would ever need. I know there are othe eq's out there.......but Bart makes a really good one.........copper shielded -- no noise.

    The ash body and maple fretboard along with the Brass Hipshot bridge create a super bright, punchy pure BASS---dial up the J to sweeten and its just killer. If you like to slap...............you can't get better than this one.

    PS I still have the original bridge and knobs...........the tuners have been used elsewhere. Smokey grayish color.
  9. dangerouscello

    dangerouscello I wore a suit under this Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2011
  10. BassikLee


    Feb 13, 2004
    Deltona, FL
    Owner: Brevard Sound Systems
    Great looking bass bump!

    Also, I might have a lined fretless Kingston neck that would bolt right on, converting that to a singing fretless machine. Black headstock.
  11. Thanks for the kind remarks! The Nords make all the difference in this bass. I know Bart's are great PU's and super high quality, but these Nordies sound so clean, so sweet, so clear............they make the Bart's seem muddy/dark in comparison.

    If you have never heard the Nord's in this config. you have a pleasant surprise coming........these do NOT sound like Lakies or Bart's in the J-MM config.
  12. Local sale would get a discount for shipping.........bump!!!!
  13. make an offer..................can ship monday!!!
  14. Pending sale.........will update Fri. thanks for the all the interest..........it is a great bass. whoever gets this one will get their money's worth and more.
  15. And sold!! My friend Nick looking to funk things up in CA!!!!!

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