Controlling Pro Tools Express with iPad

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  1. Are there any apps out there for the iPad that will let me control Pro Tools on a computer? I'm looking for basic functions like starting/stopping play back and punching in and out, and setting pre roll and post roll for that. I saw V-Control but it doesnt really say if it can do what I'm looking for.

    Any ideas?
  2. Does PT Express allow HUI controllers? If so V Control free will do what you need (but can't remember if you can set pre/post roll).

    Otherwise you can get apps that allow control of the numeric section of the keyboard to control transport, this definitely won't allow setting of pre/post roll.

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    Also try googling: protools ipad osc
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    Ac7. It mimics a Mackie MCU, it's worth the money for what your looking for.
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    Unfortunately Pro Tools Express does not support the HUI control surface protocol for use with remote interfaces like V-Control Pro. You would have to upgrade to the full version of Pro Tools.

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