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  1. Selling my All-Tube-Prototype desktop preamp, designed and built by Sam of SamAmp.
    A rare bird, even for talkbass so here's a few links about this Alabama builder:

    A tb GAS thread

    Sam's page

    This is a prototype for a new build he's starting. You'll notice that its aesthetically different than his other build.
    My favorite features are the two line outs, each with their own level. One for your amp and another for the FOH. Or you can use a radial box, and merge both signals to have a wet/dry thing going on.

    To give some more context I've owned a few REDDI's, U5's, and currently own the V71DI. Unfortunately, I really am in need of cash and selling this for $350 shipped.

    I previously posted this pre about a year ago but took it down. This has got to go.


    $350 shipped
    PayPal only.

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  2. more

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  3. Took some pics of the inside.
    I'll try to list some more features and specs once I get the chance.

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  5. On hold - pending payment.

    TALL&STOUT Bassics Studio Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008
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    What's the power supply?

    TALL&STOUT Bassics Studio Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    San Diego
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    Also, what are the dimensions?
  8. Sorry Tall&Stout I haven't been monitoring this thread just my inbox.

    I just answered some pm's I got and I thought I'd share some of the common answers I've given.
  9. Let's see, not sure where to start or end but here's some thoughts.

    I love the U5 and the redid, I've owned both.

    I'll say what I like about them that I think, imho, makes them unique and separate's them from this SamAmp pre.
    Here's some overarching thoughts I have about them.

    This pre is not a DI like the u5 or reddi but a pre, and awesome one at that :)
    The reddi and u5 are "standards" and are easier to find resources about - i.e. troubleshooting tone and various other sonic artifacts.
    For example, a foh engineer or studio engineer could be stoked that you've brought a u5 or reddi to your gig/session, while they may be indifferent to the SamAmp.

    Avalon U5:
    -Lot's of more tone features than the reddi, not as much tone shaping or extreme tone shaping abilities as the SamAmp.
    -Love the tone out of the U5
    -Only a few more functional features than the reddi.
    -Lots of people define the u5 as "sterile", I find that term lacking, I think of the sound that it does do, as sonically enhancing and a very musical sterile. Awesomeness!!
    -The SamAmp will, hands-down, out perform the u5 in sonic variety.

    -lots of people talk about the "gooey, tubey, and that sound" they get from the reddi -- which is true :)
    -However, I think the magic comes in the higher frequencies and higher up on the fret board. It actually sounds like a really awesome tube amp being mic'ed. I notice it the most in higher frequencies. The u5 and other standard pre's all sound great in the high end, buttttt, the way an amp allows a bass's higher end to still have a girth and low-end presence is what the reddi does, and it's the only pre i've found to do it so well.
    -Not much tonal variety, you can turn the gain up, but the tube break up is minimal at best and can often be too hot of a signal for the foh or studio wo a pad.
    -The lowend that people talk about IS yummy, but not exclusive to the reddi, imo. I believe a low end bump for other pre's can match what the reddi does, in the low end.

    -Huge tonal palette
    -All the way from a barely noticeable tube/vibey color to an all out fuzzy, pleasant distortion/od. Just to clarify, when I say distortion, I don't mean anything like some crappy digital distortion.
    -The EQ: this is a pretty cool - with this box you have Tube-EQ. Instead of it being a post-tube thing -like some other amps or pre's - bumping just the eq can add tons of color and tube flavor to the signal.

    SamAmp input/output jank:
    -You may have notice that there are "three inputs".
    Input 1 has the greatest flexibility since it runs the signal through every feature (eq, tone switch, etc) including the gain. The most fun input.
    -The Input 2 is the most "reddi-y" signal. It is the bass running through the the gain tube and not the eq or tone path.
    -The Input 3 is the most uncolored tone and is good for a/b'ing tones.
    -The Outputs - this is the coolest part to me. Yes, you can run one output with it's own level control to your amp and the other to your foh/daw, makes so much sense, i don't know why more companies have parallel outs with their own levels.

    ** By far my FAVORITE feature is taking one output and running it through the dirtiest fuzz,od,distortion, pedals I have and sending it to my daw or di and then taking the "clean", second output and running it straight to my daw/di as well. Then using the level controls, for each respective output, and blending it to taste!! (merge function on radial's di's is awesome for this)

    SamAmp thoughts:
    -Yes it is much less cash than the u5 or the reddi.
    -The SamAmp cannot mimic the u5.
    -The u5 can't mimic the SamAmp
    -the reddi does sound awesome.
    -The u5 is awesome too.
    -Since the SamAmp comes from a builder and since it is a one-off it will be harder to flip on tb.
    -I love the form factor, little silver looking box.
  10. Just the box is:

    4 3/8" tall
    5 1/2" deep
    8 1/2" wide

    The box including the dials and feet is:
    4 3/4" tall
    6" deep
    8 1/2" wide
  11. Tall&Stout
    by power do you mean 220v or something like?

    Or is it just that I forgot to post a picture of the back? :)

    TALL&STOUT Bassics Studio Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008
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    For power i meant AC power or AC to 9 volts DC? I was thinking of running this from my pedal board to a Bergantino ip212. The IP series really prefers "true" AC power. Just trying to figure out what kind of plug the SAMAMP takes.
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  15. MarkA
    your in inbox is full.
    let me know when you've got some space
  16. MarkA

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    Sep 26, 2008
    D'oh! Just saw this. Thanks anyway and congrats -- hope the new owner enjoys it!

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