SOLD DiCosimo Low Rider (Pearl Octaver)

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  1. Up for sale is my Low Rider octaver pedal I built. My new Zoom B3 is replacing all my pedals so I'm selling them all. This is based off the Pearl Octaver. It provides 2-oct down, 1-oct down, 1-oct up, and clean each with their own volume knob. This is, IMO, the best octaver I've ever heard. The tracking is very good, even with two-octaves down.


    Here's a sound sample:

    I'm asking $80 shipped.
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  2. So your liken' the B3?
    "Wish I had the scratch for this" bump!
  3. Absolutely. It's been a lot of fun playing around with the B3. I will say, however, the octave effects are okay. The Low Rider has much better tracking. I just can't justify having a dedicated octaver for how little I use the effect.
  4. Price drop bump...

    $80 shipped
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