DMM, Musket, Distortron, Echo Park, Ashdown, ART Preamp

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  1. Consolidating some threads here...prices are shipped/Paypal anywhere in the USA. The ONLY trade I will consider is a Strymon Timeline.

    Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man - $285
    I love these pedals. It's my third one and sounds the best of all I've tried. It is in really good shape and comes with a detachable power supply.

    Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz v2 - $130
    Thick, sludgey, muffy goodness. Comes with manual and rubber feet.

    Zvex Distortron - $85
    Open grit to compressed crunch and everything in between. Great on bass too.

    Line 6 Echo Park - $75
    The most underrated delay pedal, period. In great shape and includes power supply.

    Ashdown Bass Drive Plus - $45
    Shows wear but works and sounds great.

    ART Tube MP Project Series preamp w/ USB - $45
    Excellent condition with low use. Box, manual and power supply included.

  2. Everything but the Ashdown and ART Preamp are accounted for. Take them both for $80!
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  4. Only the ART preamp remains. Come get it!
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