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    Sep 14, 2012
    I didn't see any threads on here about the EV ZLX series at all, so I'll share my recent experience with the ZLX-12P.

    First, a little of my relevant background. I spent a few years working in live sound for a fairly large and well respected sound company in the late 90s. So, I have had a lot of exposure to good, very good, and excellent gear, although it is slightly dated.

    Fast forward to this year. The keyboard player, who owns the PA and provider rehearsal space, left the band a couple months ago. As the only member with enough space to fit everyone in one room, my house became the new rehearsal space. The guitarist owns a crappy 80w squire PA that we suffered with for a couple of weeks. I got sick of trying to keep the volume low enough to rehearse with the squire PA and decided to help out, so I did my research and bought a single EV ZLX-12P

    The ZLX-12P is a powered PA cab with a 12 and a horn with integrated 1000w amp. It weights something like 32 pounds, less than my BG250. I bought it over the Alto TS112A without having heard either for two reasons. First, EV has been around a long time and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. Second, the ZLX-12P has a built in DSP. The DSP allows for you to choose between a number of EQ presets based on usage and placement. You can select 4 different uses (music, live, speech, club) and three different positioning presets (pole mount, monitor, or installed). It also lets you set a high pass crossover point for use with a sub. It helps that they cost about the same and with the GC return policy, there was no risk if I didn't like it.

    We only use the PA for vocals and acoustic guitar. The drummer keeps volume reasonable, but not too quiet, and the guitarist is not a gui****. We are, however, an original rock/funk band, so not a quiet little jazz combo.

    So far I have been really impressed with the ZLX-12P. The sound quality is excellent, very clear without being harsh. A single speaker is plenty of volume for rehearsal, which really surprised me. I was fully expecting to need a second to provide adequate volume.

    We took the ZLX-12P to a gig for the first time over this past weekend. The gig was a low volume outdoor gig at a private party. There were probably 30 people there and we just used it for vocals and acoustic guitar. I was pushing it fairly hard, but not to the point of clipping (don't do that!). It sounded fantastic and easily kept up with the drums, bass, and electric guitar! We got compliments on the sound throughout the night. I ran everything into an old Ramsa board and out to the ZLX-12P. I didn't even have to touch the EQ on the board. No system EQ, everything run dry (with the house nearby we got some natural reverb) and it just kicked!

    I know this is a long write up, but since I couldn't find much on these before buying mine, I figured this would be useful to someone. Is this as good as the QSC equivalent? I don't know, because I never auditioned those, but at half the price I wouldn't expect a single QSC to be twice as good for my usage.

    TLDR; I'm impressed with the volume and clarity of my EV ZLX-12P
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    Thanks for the write-up, lake! I’ve been using the ZL1, an 8-inch passive version of the one you have, for the past couple of years as a bass monitor. Gives just enough low end to hear my bass, but naturally rolls out the lows so that I don’t mess up the house mix. Works great, and sounds great - I’ve been very happy with it.

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