Esp Ltd bb4?!

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  1. What can you tell me about this bass? What does it compare to? Has anyone played through the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups? Why is this an Ltd and not an esp model for as much as it is. Only 2 videos on YouTube and it's the same guy! :-/
  2. i am currently looking at buying the ltd B-5E NS. I went to a local shop that is an esp dealer and he had both the bass you are looking at and the B-5E NS. I got the chance to play both. They are both PHENOMINAL basses. AMAZING sound AMAZING feel. AMAZING price. I think you are looking at a bass that has a bolt-on neck. But that is not to worry at all. The esp guiars and basses all have amazing bolt on necks. Some of the gnarliest (in a good way) bolt structures and patters that make for an extremely soid bass. I would definately reccomend this bass to you. They are extremely versitile and can have even new pickups and preamps put in to personal prefrerence. The bass can have pretty much any tone you want. And there is a great feel, both sitting and also standing with it strapped on. I highly suggest you to buy this bass man. I hope that helps!!! :D
  3. I have an ESP LTD D-5 (good bass) and just yesterday received my LTD B-5E (very good in looks feel and tone)
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  5. Thanks, that helps some but it looks like the one I mentioned is the first of a new series. it reads it's a neck through with some Seymour pick ups I never heard of before. Here's the link
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    I own 5 (yes 5) Esp/LTD basses and IMHO they blow the competition away in their comparable price points....

    Love the Necks (super comfy and fast) and construction is top notch (even their cheapo's are great)

    those Duncan pups are super bright and burpy and punchy (lot of midrange) and the output is very hot

    Graphite nut and Grover tuners...can't go wrong with this bass

    you could do a lot worse for $800.00
  7. That is one very nice bass in your link. I love "P bass Special" basses with a J pickup in addition to the P. Striking looking and I imagine it sounds nice as well.
  8. Cool thanks guys, I'm gonna' go for it and pick up this model but may need to thin the herd a little first lol :-D
  9. Sounds like a plan!:bassist:

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