FS: 2012 Fender American Standard Precision V w/extra body and parts

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    I will try to give you the short version of why I am selling this, so: This was a recent purchase (new) that started out as a standard PBass V 3-color Sunburst w/ Rosewood fingerboard. Upon receiving it I could not get the B and E strings to intonate (very sharp and no room left to adjust on the bridge). So, I tried new strings, a KSM bridge and finally a Hipshot A style bridge did the trick. Then (because I had swiss cheesed up the original body installing different bridges) I decided to get a new 2012 "Candy Cola" body. [DEL]And then I purchased a 2013 pick guard w/custom shop 60's pickups[/DEL]. Also, it has a new fender nut installed because the original one had grooves (D & G strings) that were so low the strings were almost laying on the board. Why did I do this you ask??? It sort of just spiraled out of control and now I am over it. First I thought I wanted a 4 string PBass, then I thought I wanted a 5 string PBass and now I don't. I play my Roscoe TBird all of the time so I really don't need the PBass. I am putting this towards a fretless Roscoe I have my eye on.

    So, as it is now it has the original neck and new Candy Cola body along with the original pick guard and pickups. What you will also get is the case, original 3-color Sunburst body, a KSM bridge, (2) newer style fender bridges and a 2013 pick guard [DEL]w/custom shop 60's pickups/pots/knobs[/DEL]. Asking $1050 net to me. Shipping included in the USA. Note: Strings shown are not included.
    Note: I apologize, but, the so called "new" 60's electronics are dead. I have reduced the price and will include the extra pick guard/knobs only.
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    Dude's outa control...lol...let me say that I know the feeling, but unlike you, I am not over it, ha ha.

    Is this essentially the same model as the one that Ed Friedland used for his video review of the Fender USA P-Bass? I was amazed at how clean the low end sounded on that bass. Always wanted one since I saw that video.

  3. I believe it is.
    Out of control is right. I was starting to have thoughts about getting another neck since I already had the extra body.....Sickness!!!!
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    Would you consider selling the 3TB body separately? I have a 2008 P5 that's a little on heavier side. I was looking for a lighter body.
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