SOLD FS: Ampeg SVT210HE (Upgraded Speakers)

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  1. *Price Drop* $250

    Hello TB!

    Up for sale is my Ampeg SVT210HE (actually it's an HEN, which was the model name when Speakons were first added as inputs). I have loaded it with 2 Eminence speakers from my Kustom 310c combo, and from my research it seems that they are essentially BP102's. The result is a 2x10 that's 4 Ohms (8 Ohm speakers in parallel) with sick power handling - really great for bringing one smaller cab to a show and still have it move plenty o' air!

    400w RMS/800w Peak Handling
    4 Ohms
    1" Tweeter w/ adjustable control
    2 Speakon and 2 1/4" inputs
    Rear Ports

    I'm asking [DEL]$300[/DEL] $250 for it which I think is now a steal given the upgraded speakers and its excellent condition. Local sale preferred. Shipping/Handling would be on the buyer but I would do my best to keep costs down while still keeping the cab safe.

    PM with questions and to get this thing to a good home! Thanks for looking!

    Don't mind the picture - the piping looks curved but it's not in person and the cab is in great shape.

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  2. Do you have the old speakers to make it 8 ohms again?
  3. Sorry, mbernard, I do not have the original speakers. Trust me, these replacements are much better sonically, but I understand a load limitation.
  4. Oh yeah, i dont doubt that. I was just looking for this 210 to pair with my svt115. Glwts, these are hard to come across these days!
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