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  1. 1) This is a used 1990 Space Arrow (V-Bass) Bass guitar. It is a Korean made bass from Cort with a licensed Steinberger bridge. It is 34" scale and has two Powersound pickups(made by Cort).

    The bass comes with an original hard shell case and an aluminum adapter (and instructions) so you can string it with regular single ball strings if you want.

    It is balanced well and the trust rod has been recently lubed up. I took the strings off as they seemed old (they come with the bass), and bought a new set of double ball strings. Note: it is missing 2 washers from the tuning pins (A minor purchase at any good hardware store)which is why it is only currently half strung.

    $200 OBO. This could make a great christmas gift.

    2) Ibanez Pickups - These are a set of active pickups out of a mid 90's Ibanez Iceman EX, Ibanez PFR-N4 neck pu (black pole piece)and bridge pu PFR-B4 bridge pu (black pole piece)

    Looking to get $60 for them.

    3) Ibanez EQ pedal (GE 10 model) late 80's) looking to get $50

    all prices do not include shipping. Prefered payment is paypal. I'll ship to Canada/Continental US

    As far as trades go I love the 80's basses, big into the passive Japanese basses from the period (Ibanez, Charvel, Jackson, Vantage, etc.) I am also currently in the market for an accoustic bass guitar.

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  2. here are the pickups

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  3. decided not to sell...for now
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