SOLD FS: EBMM MIA Passive SUB 5 w/ upgraded pickguard

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  1. I've had this for almost a year, but have finally admit that I'm simply not a fan of the Stingray Sound and would rather pass it onto someone that is. For Sale is a 2004 Music Man SUB 5 Passive Bass with the Black spray-on finish that required no polishing and was one of the ways Music Man could try and sell the SUB line of Basses and Guitars 100% American Made in San Luis Obispo, CA for a good deal lower price than their "Main Line" of Instruments from 2003-2006 (unfortunately the company made little-to-no profit on the SUB line, and cancelled it in 2006)

    This bass is in excellent condition. It has some of the typical "SUB Headstock Dings" that you tend to see on these Basses (which is because the black-painted headstock has no glossy finish to protect it from headstock bumps compared to other Basses) but not nearly as much as I've seen on SUB Basses on the Used Market - the previous owner also used a Sharpie to cover up any that went beyond the paint, so they're only viewable from close up. The body is in Very Good condition in regards to the Chrome Plate and Tuners, and has one minor comma-shaped "indentation" on the back less than the size of a neck screw head and does not break through the paint. The stock "Diamond Plate on Cardboard" pickguard has also be replaced with a non-inexpensive custom-made "Black Abalone" pickguard from Pickguardian, and is a huge increase on the look of the bass compared to the original stock "DPOC" 'guard, and IMO looks better than the standard 'Rays with their "Cartoon Dialogue Bubble" pickguard.

    Specifications are as follows:

    • Size - 5-String 13-1/2" wide,* 1-5/8" thick,* 45-1/2" long
    • Weight - 5-String 10 pounds 1 ounce
    • Wood - Select Poplar
    • Finish - Custom Music Man® Textured Finish Colors: White, Black, Teal, Red, Graphite, Blue, Cinnamon
    • Bridge - Standard Music Man® style chrome-plated steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles
    • Pickguards - Diamond Plate (Aluminum) replaced by custom Black Abalone from Pickguardian
    • Scale - 34" (86.4cm)
    • Radius - 11" (27.9cm)
    • Headstock -* 5-String 9" long
    • Frets - 22 - High profile, wide
    • Width - 5-String 1-3/4" at nut, 2-3/4" at last fret
    • Wood - Black Painted Maple Neck and Headstock
    • Fingerboard - Fretted - Rosewood
    • Neck Finish - Black Satin Finish
    • Tuners - Custom Music Man® Tuners
    • Strap Buttons - Body and Strap ends of Dunlop Dual-Design Straploks in Chrome included
    • Truss rod - Adjustable no component or string removal
    • Attachment - 6 bolts - perfect alignment with no shifting
    • 2-band passive preamp - volume, treble & bass
    • Pickup - Music Man® Humbucking

    I'm asking $525 shipped to CONUS addresses only (No P.O. Boxes as well) with PayPal, Cashier's Check, or Money Order as payment. Bass will ship in an older, but still usable gigbag inside the large standard Bass Shipping Carton within 3 days of payment with Tracking & Confirmation (I only state that it may not ship out the day of sale as a Person With A Disability, their are some days where my Chronic Pain flares up to the point of not getting out of bed for the day)





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  4. ...and SOLD to isis07, who is bringing her "home" to the East Coast! (I spent just under the first 24 years of my life 30 minutes from NYC on "Strong Island" :smug: ) Hope you enjoy her, and "bond" with her fantastic 'Ray tone better than I did. :D
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