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FS: ODB3 and Hot Rod OD pedals

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by socialleper, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. I've got too many pedals that I'm not using, so some have to go.

    First up- Boss ODB-3 bass OD\Distortion pedal w/ box. The pedal shows a little wear, might be a little dusty, but it works exactly like you think it should. This is one of the more well known OD pedals out there so there isn't much to say.
    [DEL]$55 shipped ConUS, Paypal only.[/DEL] SOLD!!

    Next- Digitech Hot Rod pedal. This is an interesting pedal from Digitech's modeling line that does a great job at imitating some well known distortions, over drives and even a little fuzz. This pedal never left my living room, has the box and manual which describes the modeling features of the pedal. The "morph" knob changes the style of gain, tweaking this along with the "tone" and "gain" knobs you can get a Tube Screamer style OD, ProCo Rat distortion, Boss DS-1 distortion and Arbiter Fuzz Face style Fuzz.
    $35 shipped ConUS, Paypal only.


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  3. Saturday night bump.
  4. Sunday night bump. You know you want these!

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