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  1. Hi,

    I just bought a Markbass CMD JB PLayers School combo. It was a Markbass I could afford and I like it a lot. I just sold my Hartke rig and am interested in adding an extension cab only all the Markbass cabs I've seen have been more expensive than the amp I bought. Apparently they do not make an extension cab with owners of this amp in mind.

    What do you think would be a good, yet not insanely expensive, extension speaker cab for this amp?

    I could spend as much as $500 although I would prefer not to spend that much.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Probably the 115 cab of the same line. Seems to be bigger but it is probably the same speaker with a horn.
  3. The markbass blackline.
  4. Thanks for the replys.

    I saw that and it is probably the best option but for $50 more I could get a whole second amp. Maybe I should buy the second combo, pull the amp out and sell it. Or maybe not. I remember reading somewhere there is no top on the amp if you pull it out of the combo.
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  6. Seems like the best option might be to simply buy a second jb combo. Kind of crazy but would have a few advantages in regards to scaling.

    How would you connect the two together? Jerry rig a cable from the xlr out to 1/4 in? Use the effect out? Use the tuner out? I could use xlr to xlr but the amps wouldn't stack like that.
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    You could always just go with a 212 or 210 box.
  8. Do you think it will matter if they are not matched?

    I've heard there can be issues using different speakers.
  9. Effect send to effect return of second combo.
  10. TonyP-

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    No there will be no issues...

    The only issue can be resistance/ohmage.

    I'm not familiar with that combo but I'm assuming you could add another 8ohm cab to it to draw 4ohm out.
  11. I would just get another one of those cabs as an extension. A 2x15 will rock. The only thing to consider is the size of the venues you play. I find that smaller venues make the 15" sound too boomy, whereas 10's will do better. Although, I noticed that your 15 cab is smaller. Smaller cabs will reduce the level of boom (as opposed to a larger & ported cab). Another cab, like the one you have, might be just what you need.
  12. I wondered about this. I read a post somewhere that indicated this wouldn't work for some reason but I questioned the validity of that statement.
  13. I played in a small space with a very loud drummer in a reasonably quiet environment and the combo kept up with no issue at all. I am concerned how it will hold up in a noisy environment or bigger room. Thats why I'm considering the second cab. I'm sure the 2x15 would do it no problem.
  14. If you are happy with your Markbass 15, then stick with it. Get the extension version of it.
  15. Thats the issue, there really isn't an extension version of it. They have the blackline 15" that is only $50 cheaper than the cmd jb combo. I would prefer to spend less and have an extension cab but it seems sort of logical to pay more and just get a second amp.
  16. I've done it with my amps a couple of time and it's working without any issue.
  17. Thanks, thats what I needed to hear!
  18. I would just get the second amp for the slight price difference. I added a the NY 151 cab to my original Berlin combo and love it.
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    I have the MB 210 combo with a 210 hartke(enclosed) cab which I stack vertical. You with me on the vert stack? works great, for me that is. MB is nice n warm and versatile and the hartke is present. gives a nice punch/pop to the tone, esp when I thump n pluck. I play a Standard P whiff 5% overwound Fralins & a Tech 21 3 channel and thats it. I wasn't a fan of hartke but it was a good deal, 125 used and together is my jam. and most of the time i aim the hartke at my percussionist a lil. cuz he's deaf
  20. I went in the store and tried pairing it with other cabs but honestly it doesn't really have the power on tap to seriously take advantave of the second cab. I love the amp and think it is very high quality with a good tone but I returned it and bought the CMD 151p Jeff Berlin. That thing will cause ripples in the space time continuum if you can survive turning it up that much.