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I finally understood my vt bass !!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ticol07, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. ticol07


    Oct 25, 2013
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    Hello you, other VT bass users !

    after many months of my VT Bass V2 using, even if I was able to figure out very good tones, I felt a bit frustrated because I always had the feeling it could be way more versatile than my using.

    So I spent some time to try to really understand what you could do with it, instead of just tweking knobs a little bit randomly.

    There have been many threads about the VT Bass : how to set it flat, how the character worked,... Very interesting, but I think we are many to have missed somethings.
    I just wanted to share my experiments and my understandings to improve the big VT Bass database.

    So, let's begin with a short resume of the already known facts :
    - Bass : centered around 120 Hz
    - Mids : centered 800/1000 Hz
    - Treble : centered around 3/4 kHz
    All these settings affect the tone after the drive.
    - Character : cut at 800/1000Hz and boost around 1.5 kHZ
    Very important : the character eq the signal before the drive
    - Drive : the level of dirt you put in your signal before the 3 knobs eq

    1st interesting fact : if you increase or decrease the bass/mids/treble of the same amount, your signal keeps the same shape, except in the low end.
    The more you push the bass knob the more you cut the sub frequencies. Kind of HPF.

    2nd intersesting fact : how to deal with the dirt level and the kind of tone you want.
    The Character knob is the real key. As it acts on mids and high mids before the drive, this knob combined with the level of drive will give you specific kind of drived tone.

    Examples :
    - I want a very clean signal : I have to set the character and the drive very low, like that my mids remain clean.
    And then I adjust my tone with the 3 classic knobs.
    And to do a good eq I can wether boost one specific knob or cut two of them for example (if I want more bass, cutting the mids and the treble in different amounts can give more flexibility).

    - I want a fat dirty tone : I set the character not too high let's say before noon). Then I increase the drive and I hear that all my frequencies are dirty (bass to treble)
    And then I adjust the 3 knobs eq to fit my needs.

    - I want a more crispy dirt : I set the character after noon -> I boost the high mids and I distort them with the drive. And I adjust the drive to the level of dirt I want to hear.
    And then, again, I adjust the 3 knobs eq to fit my needs.
    With that kind of setting you can have the dirt flavor with a cleaner low end, since you choose to overdive mostly the high mids.

    So, let's say I have set my tone at home, and, what a surprise, it's a total mess with my band : total mud, no definition :
    - I can push the mids or cut the bass. It will change the tone but not the sound of the drive.
    - Or I can reduce the drive to have a cleaner low end.
    Then if I think the signal is too clean, I push the character.
    The drive tone is good, but the global tone became too middy : I reduce a bit the mids.

    And so on...

    This pedal is really a good one, but the learning curve is not fast. At least for me :) There are so many combinations and interactions between the knobs !!

    Feel free to comment and complete.

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