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Lakland/Hanson LH3 Pickups & Preamp

Discussion in 'For Sale: Accessories' started by Neil, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. :hyper::hyper::hyper: PRICE REDUCTION NOW DOWN TO $225 DELIVERED :hyper::hyper::hyper:

    Up for sale is my Lakland/Hanson LH3 Pickups & Preamp set...right out of my 55-94. As you know this is an MM-J configuration. There are no issues of any kind. The pickups & preamp work perfectly.

    Master Volume (pull passive); Blend; Bass; Mid; Treble; 3 position coil switch for bridge pickup; but does not include knobs.

    I also have the LH-3 wiring diagram and will send that along with the pre & pups.

    [DEL]$300 [/DEL][DEL]$250 [/DEL] I want to move this set. The price is now down to a very reasonable $225!!!
    Paypal is fine. I'm not interested in any trades at all.

    Thanks for taking a look.

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  2. Saturday Bump
  3. Is there no love for the LH3?
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  5. :hyper::hyper::hyper: PRICE REDUCTION :hyper::hyper::hyper:

    $250 DELIVERED!!!
  6. macribas

    macribas Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2009
    Austin, TX
    Wow, crazy deal, seriously tempted.
  7. Still available if you want the them macribas. Did I say the LH-3 sounds pretty amazing?
  8. jonno1707

    jonno1707 Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2006
    Nanuet N.Y.
    I played Neil's 55-94 with this package in it and it blew me away...
  9. Thanks Jonno. Guys this pre & pups are killer! You won't be disappointed.
  10. I can't believe there is no love for the LH-3. Somebody make me an offer!
  11. Still available. Someone make me an offer.

    Guys this is a phenomenal price for this killer preamp & pickups.

    Treat yourself to a Christmas gift. You won't be disappointed.
  13. I also have the LH-3 wiring diagram and will send that along with the pre & pups.
  14. Still available!
  15. It's really hard to believe there's no love for the LH-3.
  16. I'm looking for exactly this set, but I have four stringer.. Bump for you anyway :)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.