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Loaded Mighty Mite Maple J Neck 65.00 plus shipping

Discussion in 'For Sale: Accessories' started by Stinsok, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Stinsok


    Dec 16, 2002
    Central Alabama
    The good-Low useage, frets are like new. Generic open gear tuners with a Hipshot string tree.

    The bad- Originally, I had a regular string tree on it but broke the screw off. I purchased a Hipshot unit and covered the broken screw area. A few days ago, I was checking it out and noticed the new string tree wasn't quite flush, so I tightened the screw and broke it off! The old screw will need to be drilled out in order to install the tree.

    I have another NIB Hipshot tree I will throw in for free.
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  3. atgronkvist


    Feb 14, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Nice! Would this by chance fit a P?
  4. squarewave

    squarewave Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2004
    Iowa City, Iowa USA
    Yes, and these are nice necks.
  5. Stinsok


    Dec 16, 2002
    Central Alabama
    They are hard as a rock. Even with a pilot hole I broke the screws off. I may try to borrow a drill press and clean the holes out.
  6. funkinbottom

    funkinbottom Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    Northern CA.
    Width at nut and heel?
  7. rollcall

    rollcall Supporting Member

    Feb 18, 2008
    santa fe new mexico
  8. What happened? I PMd the OP and we had a dialogue going and then it just stopped. Did you sell the neck to someone else? Is it off the block? I'm fine if that's the case, just let us know.
  9. easye


    Nov 28, 2008
    Central NJ
    Endorsing Artist: Curt Mangan Strings, Luther Lee Pickups
  10. Stinsok


    Dec 16, 2002
    Central Alabama
    Everyone, I apologize for not being on here for quite a while. I was looking at the neck and noticed one of the tuning heads is just a hair off square, not super noticeable, it's easy to remedy. I still have this neck (if anyone is still interested.) Asking 60.00 plus shipping.
  11. LowBSix

    LowBSix Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    818 ~ 805 ~ L.A.
    Endorsing Artist: GHS Strings
    Why did you bring it up?
  12. funkinbottom

    funkinbottom Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    Northern CA.

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